Regarding update 3.8's battle progress calculation change...

So if a base can have 20 towers but only has two by the gate, does it mean that if I destroy the gate ignoring those two towers I will still get ~95%?

I think this requires field testing to know for sure…

It should be 98% if you miss 2 objects

That would be very nice indeed, especially if they don’t want to change how the green progress bar works right now. The whole point of this topic was to merely poin out that the Ninja Battles could use an improvement in that area, in whichever way.

The battle progress seems to have been fixed, but the green bar doesn’t correspond to the percentage based battle progress, but rather to the crowns that appear on screen when raiding. Just observe it. And therefore it is accurate as it is. The Gate takes 1 whole crown and only if you destroy it you will get that Crown. With the other 2 crowns it’s progress is distributed by the number of obstacles you destroy, observable (destroy something, green bar increases). As the Gate is only one object, there is no distribution, so miss or hit. Therefore only by destroying it you will get that last crown, and your last third of the bar.

I think it does make some sense. But easiest would be, as mentioned by Jiggle, to show remaining obstacles on HUD.

Yes it does. See the wikia link above, it explains the %.

What I think confuses a lot of people is that the progress bar is not linear. In fact, it is objective based, so the progress bar jumps from objective to objective.

This means that, for example, you don’t see the progress bar going from 70-71-72-73-74-75-76-etc-86-87-etc-98-99-100. It just goes 74-100.

Basesically what I meant. Just didn’t put it into the right words as you did.

With percentage based, I meant as you described a steady increase of the bar as you progress. That is not the case as there will not be 75%-95% as about 30% is taken by one objective (Gate), therefore you will never see e.g. 80%. unless you miss a bunch of towers and somehow still manage to kill the gate.

And I think it’s appropriate to wheigh the gate with ~30%, as it represents one Crown, 1 of 3, which makes sense.

Wow, I was completely unaware of this new change in the update. It’ll be cool to come back and see the new changes. Although, it’d be great if they could just implement the Purple Dot Function for Towers/Obstacles left behind in the base. It’d be very useful for ninja (and zombie/yeti) events

That’s exactly my point. If we go by ShiroKo’s deduction that gate is valued at 1 Crown and equals about 33% of the progress bar, then what I mean is this isseu:

  • As soon as you hit the 66% progress (meaning pretty much killed everything besides the gate), and only the Gate itself is left, then as its HP goes down from 100% to 0%, it does not correspond to the remaining 33% of the green progress bar visible up top
  • Your progress is at 66%, you start hitting the wall and its HP goes down. The issue is, if you get the Gate down to 5-1% HP, the green progress bar up top barely reaches like 75%.
  • Once you actually deliver the final bits of damage to the Gate itself (those remaining 1-5%), ONLY THEN does the progress bar start moving again, filling up to 100%, but it goes straight from ~75% all the way to 100%.

Do you see what I mean now?

Why are you making this harder on yourself?

There is no mistery here. Just read the wikia.

This has been explained already. The Gate Counts as one objective. As long as it isn’t down you will not get your percentage.

Just see it like this. Even if you beat your opponent but leave 1 gate tower you get 99%. It doesn’t matter if that tower is at 1% HP or at 100% HP, it doesn’t get you 99.9% just because the gate tower is at 1% HP. It still Stands. That is the whole point. You only get your percentage by finnishing it, be it gate or tower. How much HP it has left means nothing, as long as the building stands.

And why you get like 5% or so for damaging the gate is unclear, probably Related to the fact that you get a Tiny amount of gold from damaging the gate as well. And last big chunk of gold and percentage is delivered upon destroying the gate. It is probably a Mechanic to reward the Raider for at least damaging the gate.

Like what I said, it’s trick you. What you see on the castle gate health bar doesn’t represent the real value when it’s moving from 100% to 0%.

Just like Ninja event ship animation when it went from an island to another island. The ship moving slowly even tough already 1 minutes and then moving really fast from 3s to 0s.

Conclutions: It just animation issue. Just ignore it because you still got real value from it. ?