Regional Price Increases on Apple Devices

Hello everyone,


Some of you might have noticed that Apple has recently made changes to their in-app purchase prices, increasing prices in many regional iTunes stores.


We recognize this has caused concern for some of our loyal players. flaregames are investigating the situation and will have a solution in the near future to ensure that pricing across device platforms and territories is fair and consistent.


We will inform you about any update on this issue.


Thank you for your understanding.


  • The Royal Revolt 2 team

We hope you think of this issue as soon as possible. I agree Flare was and is always FAIR  :slight_smile:

apple users, go grap a support ticket

time to change to android .

Better use apple than lagdroid…

I have yet to meet anybody that uses a lagdroid, Nithin vs, even though I do use a droid.


Although I do believe this is not the point of this topic.

None of the vendor games that I play increased the prices.

Flare games increased my price by 17-18% which is gouging and outrageous.

They also stopped giving specials for buying gems.

They also made it really hard to gain gold and climb in the tournaments so it costs a lot of gems to advance more quickly.

I recommend you quit this game before they gouge you. The more players I talk to the more I see what they are doing to execute a huge cash grab.

The Admins say they are looking into this. Do you believe this? How long does it take to come up with a solution?

About to quit,

King John

John calm the freak down!!!

The first who going to be banned aren’t the hackers but you you King John, if you do not finish to spam everywhere…