Reinventing the Alliance Wars System...

Let’s be honest is a bunch of hexes and then 5 days of the exact same battles over and over again really the best that Flare could do? 


So it’s time for a new system.  My original suggestion was something like Risk:

I really like that idea.

But more to the point whatever the idea is I want to ensure each war in the Alliance Wars is a unique experience. 

Maybe each hex (if the new system still uses stupid hexes instead of cool Risk-like countries), but each hex has it’s only advantages and disadvantages.  Like double health for Ogres.  Double for attackers and defenders but what this does is it forces you to restructure your offense and defense to favor certain bonuses. 

There was notification by Flaregames that the dev team are working on a major update to the Alliance war system.

I really hope your ideas about the risk board map is part of this update. :slight_smile:

Flare members indeed informed us in februari that there are changes coming for war seasons, but for the rest they keep it a big mystery, since they didn’t reveal anything else so far.

Let’s hope that skull rewards are removed, since that is driving me nutts. Last seasons in about 50% of the wars I have at least have 5-6 failures on first opened chest. Against better knowing I am sometimes stubborn and still continue opening to get that reward. I know, not smart to do so, fortunately common sense takes over most times.

A season/league would be fine for me, just fight every team in you war season twice without the need of declaring wars.


I think you’re thinking too small…

Don’t let them off that easy with a half-assed up-date like that.

I want something that adds a new dimension to the game. 

Not something that makes me fight battles with 80 opponents so easy I could beat most of them 30 levels ago!

“We are currently looking into potential changes to the matchmaking system for War Seasons. We will have more news soon.” Flares tweet. I bet the next update will most likely about changes in the war season!! Lets see if we get any news soon :slight_smile:

+1 for the ideal long time ago I played Risk game. I really love that kind of map

If we can have that in Royal Revolt 2 it would become awesome

in the game they have like 3,000 alliance or more

Why not a big Alliance War with 20 alliance at the same time. You have 5 Hexagone to defend and you can attack

Each time you defeat a player you gain 1 point

You have 24 hours to defeat your opponent and try to conquer their hexagone or territory

Maybe A War of 1 week and after 14 days off because some upgrade need 7 days to finish

Damn, I loved Risk!

Damn it, Flare!

I was complaining about a War Season being 5 days of the same damn battles same players no surprises! 

It’s really just a grind! It’s not a game! 

But guess what it gets worse!  My alliance got repaired with the same teams from last time because it was so close so it’s literally the second week of the same damn thing!

And a new match making system is NOT a solution! 

I don’t want to fight the same battles against the same opponents under the same parameters each day of the season!

That’s why in a Risk like situation (or even just a creative situation) every country (or hex) could have a bonus assigned to it.  Something significant enough to re-balance your defensive waves for (so I get some changes)!  Something like +25% health for Mummies!  So you’d want to change the way you play while both attacking and defending that country (or hex)! 

Also each country (or hex) should have directionality to it.  So In one direction it has better offense and the other better defense.  So you can strategically grow your kingdom with certain countries (or hexes) being better as boarder and other better for launching grounds for attacks. 

Also it means Kings that I could beat in a battle between two previous countries (or hexes) I might not be able to beat in the next set of battles cause they have a more strategic position!  It also means by attacking and taking the right countries (or hexes) the leaders and generals can give their troops a chance to beat Kins that couldn’t otherwise beat. 

Come on Flair, it’s time to fix this!

I really do like the idea of the landfields having specific conditions. Like each landfield of a team has a particular scenery background on the hexes so why not they have some conditions as well? Like Northland has something to do with frost, Burning Rocks with fire, Graveyard with poison etc etc. Furthermore I would like that each conditions change each day for each time such that all 6 teams get 5 sceneries in the course of war season so that the war will be even :slight_smile:

I don’t like this idea. I have 4  Landfields. Your suggestion force me to buy Landfields to stay competitive.

Darkaos, I believe Titanka’s idea was that if they change it to a Risk like situation.  Different countries would have their own terrain (which must be “landfield” in another language/transliteration).  But already if you’re part of an alliance, durring the alliance wars you will be fighting on terrains you don’t own.  You just automatically get access to them for the duration of the alliance war.  So it would cause any increase in costs.

No one ever said about buying landfield buddy!! All I said about conditions!! We begin each war with 3 landfield each!! All of the 6 teams with have different sceneries (of course each of them have different conditions). So if we have Northland condition in the frst day the 2nd day it might be Burning Rocks. What I mean that each day sceneries of our hexas will be changed (so do everybody else). When we attack others landfield we will have to play according to the condition of their landfields and when they attack us they will play according to our landfield so in total we can play in 2 conditions per day.


Regarding flares comment about changing wars… they only said the matchmaking right?

Just how they group batches of alliances into the same boring war setup, nothing about changing the actual wars? they only said matchmaking :confused:

They should get rid of skullperk all together. Give everyone who owns such an item a compensation of 100 pearls per 0,1% and move on. It’s ruining the game. Being an awesome raider with a good defense no longer is enough, you need to perk the shit out of everything and have a massive skullperk, just to get in some alliances.

Cool that I great news :slight_smile:

The only war I remember that was absolutely fair was the first one, we were ranked on alliance position. It was more than a year ago. What I remember is that it was very exciting, no limits of raids and exhausting for players. When there was a litllebit bread, we stayed on until we could do another raid. The most important match we won by just 400 skulls.

The unpleasant surprise was that there was no communication between Flare and us, so we didn’t know that a war could only be declared when there was enough time left. In the end it didn’t matter, we still became first.

I also hope that there comes a more fair system, I suggested a league/division system which is more fair. When you win, you promote, when you end by bottom two you demote. This current season is indeed not so great, we indeed have 39 members and are beating the number two (26/27 members) with that much difference (80k+) that it isn’t fair. There is one team with 21 low members who don’t even fight and the rest is under 10 members. Talking about an easy war. Okay, we have two teams and ‘abuse’ the system by dropping trophies in one team, while gaining them in the other. That would not be necessary if there was a more fair system.

When we had one team, we also met teams with 60 members, while we had 37 max at that moment, that’s also impossible to win. So I hope to get a better war system, where the major part of the teams at least have to do some effort to win and not like now, that it’s obvious who wins.

Let’s hope that the changes are great.

Thanks for sharing this Dena4. I really like your honesty. :slight_smile:

What you have revealed is shocking!