Reinventing the Alliance Wars System...

One of the big problem I have with the War System is I’m in an alliance that’s low enough (but I like it) so that at Level 100 I don’t even try when I’m fighting in the wars, and I still 3 crown everything.  I used to have war gear and raiding gear.  I never change into my war gear cause I don’t need it.  They need a system that makes it a challenge ergo interesting for all players!

A new war system would be nice

Every new season I wait fingers crossed!

me too…

just waiting

i had the worse war and it looks like flare is not going to match make 


New Season…

Same Problems…


All we can do is hope that the new release improves that war season system in a good way. Plus… that we don’t have to wait extremely long for that release.

it would be really interesting to have the complete list just few days before the update release to give us a little idea of all the change and new stuffs

What’s this new release?  Where did you hear of it?

i think he’s talking about the update

Sorry, I’m still out of the loop on this.  I don’t see anything new on the Official Announcements page?

give flare about a week and you will see it


Aether mentioned it last sunday on this topic. So that’s where we get the news from Maerique




he’s talking about this…


and this too 



Thanks guys for the poster and the links! 

That was super helpful!

Looks like they aren’t doing anything drastic.

But at least they know there are problems!

yes welcome

Damn it!

They added a bunch of silly social features.

Exactly what we didn’t need!

like what

  1. skull perk