Remapping Buttons for External Controllers

In the last version of the game there was at least a controller icon in the settings,

that showed you what the buttons were for an external controller.

With the new update, even that is gone…


So, would it be possible to bring back the Controller option, and MOST IMPORTANTLY ,

allow the users to REMAP the buttons?

I have a Steelseries Nimbus controller and it works great with RR2!

But, the button layout is based on an old controller, and not at all

a good layout for the new modern MFi controllers. (or any PS, XBOX, etc)


It would be great to be able to remap the buttons to a more logical layout:

(like have X A B to cast spells, not A B Y, as X A B is horizontal as it is on the screen.

So why are the buttons mapped to a vertical layout for a horizontal layout on the screen?

Also, have Hero scream be just one button, instead of two)


Please bring back the controller so people can see the buttons and make the buttons changeable!!!