Remember 10x Tapjoy Rewards?

Just wondering if anybody else noticed the 10x tapjoy rewards back in January. It didn’t last very long, maybe a day, but everything in tapjoy seemed to give huge rewards.


For example, buying flowers which normally rewarded about 1000 gems rewarded 10,000 instead. Downloading and running apps would reward 100+ gems etc…


Anybody notice this? Was this a promotion? A bug? Will it happen again?


Cheers :slight_smile:

yep that was in january. but nothing similar since then. and downloading a app for 3 gems is not worth it

I think on that day also video reward gave 10 gems as reward instead of just 1… but considering it didn’t last long and was never mentioned or repeated by flare, I think it might have been some kind of bug or unintended change.

But yeah, regular reward isn’t really attractive. Originally, the gem rewards for videos were 1-7 gems depending on length of video, but later they reduced it to 1 gem even for 4 minutes videos…

A excelent game !!!

Not a bug.

There was a wellcome screen (with the princess, i guess). By referring to 1000% gems per video.