Removal from aura to febe or aura to all remaining beasts:

The creators of Royal Revolt have stopped being fair. You know that you have made a mistake and you do not want to acknowledge it and you justify that those who have FEBE do not want them to touch your BEAST. Those who have FEBE are harassing all those who do not have that beast to raise trophies. Those who have FEBE, are at a level that really is not the level that they touch and you know it. They are not being fair. Of all the beasts, only FEBE has that AURA. If you want to be fair, put the aura on all the remaining beasts. People who do not have FEBE no longer enjoy this game. It is not fair that a new warrior enter the game, join an alliance that has FEBE and in a short time be at a level of almost 3,000 trophies, without being really strong the new warrior. It does not matter that you make strong guardians, the problem will remain. WE HAVE HARASSMENT of warriors with FEBE and it’s not fair. If they remove the aura to the FEBE, it sure is annoying for the one who loses it, but without being honest and honest, they will know that they really are not so strong without FEBE and must occupy the true level that they have and not be with that inequality. unfair created by the game developers. We are in harassment, it costs us a lot to win trophies and we lose them again when we receive those attacks with FEBE that are not really at that level so strong and above they humiliate us with that harassment. DEVELOPERS, RECAPACIT AND REMOVE THE AURA TO THE FEBE OR PUT THE SAME EQUIVALENT AURA, TO THE REST OF THE BEASTS. Playing the royal revolt is no fun anymore. The withdrawal of the aura to the FEBE does not have to be a problem for the one who has it, since those players know that they are playing with some undeserved advantages. PLAYING WITH FEFE OR ATTACKING FEBE is like a first division football team, playing with a team from the neighborhood where you grew up. Recently, you published the thread of a user of how you can beat the FEBE, because you tell them and you know it is not as easy as they describe it, but you hide because they are not players, but creators and it seems they do not care correct the error. REPAIR IF YOU HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS. I am at a level of 3,600 trophies more or less and without FEBE, but warriors who were in 1,000, have already overcome me because they have their FEBE. All go crazy trying to join alliances with FEBE, even the beginning player does not want to go to an aliana but has FEBE. IT IS UNFAIR WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THE GAME IS NOT BALANCED.

All I see are players moaning about Phoebe because it’s so powerful or they don’t want it nerfed and it’s so boring. If you are unable to beat Phoebe regularly then you should learn to play RR2 properly. There are so many different options now which can take Phoebe down in seconds. Even kow using Sultan can kill it quickly or use donkey and push it around while ranged kill it.

Players and alliances have invested heavily in the pro leagues to obtain Phoebe which involves real money but because you don’t have it you come on the forums asking for it to be nerfed. If you are so desperate to get Phoebe join a new alliance which has it but you will find out a good defence with gargoyle tower boost etc is much harder to beat.

why should a pro beast that alliances have saved for, sometimes taking ages be the same defence level as a pal that we all get for free from our chests daily or in Conquests etc. Haven’t a 1st division team invested more than the team from the neighbourhood so deserves to be at a higher level??

@guerrero I did write the guide (no one told me to write it, if there is flaw in those methods its mine no one else’s, I wrote it because I was where you are right now at one point without the knowledge or ability to defeat phoebe, just like many), so its not easy as it looks (it requires practice) but with time phoebe can become manageable. Yes phoebe is one of the most difficult beast to deal with, it took me almost 3 months (spell and troop upgrade and forging) to prepare my offense to defeat it, till then I rushed past the phoebe and try to defeat the gates. I do agree it has made playing less fun, as every battle is phoebe and no other beast, as average defenses are made powerful only due to phoebe beast. Phoebe is brutal to mistakes, its Armageddon range can reach across 3 lanes one can feel it sometimes in N type defense, which no other beast is capable of and added to that constant healing.

If you can give me your spell and troop combo and hero level and gear I can try to help you. If you have monks try to upgrade them to max while forging them, its one of the units in groups that can take a lot of damage from phoebe and their healing ability will keep them alive and the hero giving u a fighting chance, as above 3500 trophies other low morale troops don’t perform well unless boosted or shielded (both would be better). Pick 2 spells and try to max it as beginning, it takes 3 months to max a spell from scratch approximately, if you are at half it may take about a month and half, same with troops, pick offensive spells. I would suggest firestorm and blizzard as firestorm can take down firebolt towers from the opposite lane and skull towers can be taken down with the help of blizzard spell (2 or 3 blizzard spell needed depending on the level of tower and the level of blizzard), these spells adds chance of troops ability to survive when you meet phoebe.

Until phoebe is balanced which I don’t think will happen (due to severe backlash from the alliances who have invested in the beast which nowadays is almost everyone, except for the low level alliances) You need to prepare yourself, take a few months (it will be difficult) try to max spells and troops and use xp gear to level up so you can get more leadership and health, find a friend with phoebe defense (low level phoebe defense) and try different methods and find what works for you. Hope this helps.

I don’t think we should add or remove auras to the Phoebe beast or the existing ones.

That would break the game even more.

SInce the major backlash seems to come from low levels: I think that the solution is simple, players above a certain level, shouldn’t be able to use pro-beasts.

Those beasts shouldn’t be used by everyone, but only those who fought hard for it.

I bet there’s many ppl below level 80 who never donated even a single Phoebe… and are taking advantage of it on their deffense.

Heck… Maybe levels 50 or even 30 are using it. It makes no sense in my opinion.


Resuming: Pro-beasts requirement to use on defense: Hero level 80 or above.

Hello friend, first I have to congratulate you for telling us and teaching us to kill FEBE. You put in the publication a video attack of how without getting close you can shoot down FEBE and for that I thank you friend. I finish with FEBE in battle, but even though it’s already something strong, in an oversight, you lose all the trophies won. It is not fair although I understand you, but it must have a good synronization when it comes to attacking FEBE. You know, friend, we get harassed, I can defend myself but my members of the alliance are tormented by the number of attacks. It is not fair either that warriors of 1000 trophies, arrive and surpass you in 3,000 trophies. I mean they really are not that strong and they only get strong thanks to the FEBE. That makes you harassed in attacks and the worst of all is that they are always the same, not a different one. I have fought a lot to reach 3,700 trophies, I have everything quite powerful, and those who have FEBE and are weak overcome me and harass me and start attacking you with fewer trophies to get your trophies. This means that I can not attack them even though I can sometimes with FEBE, but I barely get 3 trophies, while they draw me from 8 to 10 per attack and they are inferior to me. Then the theme of alliance, you get to have a beginner member and immediately leaves us, you do a follow-up and you see that you have sought another alliance that has FEBE. We will have FEBE, but it is not fair, because by then, we will be others who oost those who do not have it and this harassment, should not happen, because they just let you overcome yourself. It’s like they humiliate you, because they are with FEBE and all protected. If they did not belong to those alliances, you know that with a breath you win. Everyone before FEFE existed, we have worked hard on it, so that now, at the beginner level, the FEBE will be looking for in an alliance, and I will already be at the same level as you. It’s not fair friend, I understand what you say, for the investment to get FEBE, but really, that beast is disproportionate and you know it, friend. Anyway, I congratulate you for the great person you are, for wanting to teach us ways to kill FEBE, but it’s not a solution. Perhaps the solution is not to take away FEBE, but to add to all the beasts that AURA. A hug friend.

Look friend, that would be a good solution. Let’s hope the developers read your great idea. That even if you are in an alliance with FEBE, not everyone could use FEBE beyond a certain level. Thanks friend.

@guerrero Thank you  :slight_smile: and I understand what you are saying, players join & leave my alliance because we don’t have phoebe, already our low level alliance is facing phoebe in conquest which is sooner than I estimated, loss of trophies and repeated attacks etc, but that’s how the game is, sorry I don’t have solutions to them, its beyond me. Its wise to come terms with reality, phoebe wont be balanced neither other beasts will be upgraded to achieve evenness with phoebe. So I hope you guys unleash celestial phoebe soon, at-least its one way your alliance can ward off players that target non phoebe alliance and solve other problems that you mentioned. Good luck ?