Remove Granny Shop

In newer update of Royal revolt 2, Granny seems very expensive and not useful item in shop, you should replace it with something else, which will be any upcoming idea for upcoming update…

They won’t remove her I believe but she indeed needs to be reworked

Rework also fine, unless it will be useful… Currently No one is using Granny Shop for items, Uber Chest is better than her shop… RR2 should think about Granny,  may be updated Granny…?

You can still buy her items for gold to produce pearls but it’s quite expensive also that to get then only few pearls. 

Granny should sell uber items for gems and legendary for gold.

I use Granny’s shop almost daily.

woow… i had never used on daily basis, you must be only one using daily… :stuck_out_tongue: … is this really helpful that much???

For what?

I think Marique buys items for converting them to pearls. I also every now and then buy items to meltdown. Sometimes there are periods that you find item after item in coF or in chests, but also there are times that whatever you do, there simply are no items.

And I expect Marique to have all blacksmith slots unlocked. So he needs plenty of items to keep blacksmith melting and converting. So it’s a good place for getting items.

Buying items for gold in order to melt them is the only use of granny at this point which is totally not what this shop used to be. If we want it to treat is as a source of items for Blacksmith, we should get there only crap items for gold (no gems or pearl ones). If we want to make this shop any useful again, we need  to get from there always better items than we currently have. I think 1 uber (with granny discount) and the rest of legendaries could be ok.

Dena is exactly correct in describing what I do. 

I have my full Blacksmith Shop upgraded and unlocked…

And I have a suit of Armor that gives me a 140% bonus gold each raid.  So I can quickly turn gold into pearls.

Non legendary items should not cost gems or pearls. Nobody buys them.
But they are still needed for gold purchases, because you don’t always have
3-4 million unused gold. Often i need to buy items for 1 million, or even less …