Remove number of green item chests limit

Hello sir, the introduction of item forging is really helpful. Now, I trying to collect the items which has the best options for each of my heroes. For example, I want to use all petrifying items on Ariadne, life on hits items for Ajax…

The difficulty here is is very randomly to obtain specific options which I really want. The easier way is I buy green item chests and find the item with my favourite options, and then do forging to bring it to higher grades. However, the probability of obtaining these favourite items still very low, for example I usually discard 20-30 green chests to find just 1 item with the option I need for specific hero, very difficult to find. 

Thats the situation, and the limit of 1 green Item chests per 1 hours is just get me suck, I have to wait days or more to find only 1 specific items.

Therefore, I wish you guys, developers should remove this “unnecessary” limit of green item chests (not green resources chests), so I can buy more of them and find my favourite item quick quicker. Or if you don’t want to remove, please add the option to buy them by gems when we excess the buying limit. I’m very happy to pay 5-10 gems for each green item chests.

So it will be more convenient for our players doing forging and develope our heroes, while you guys the developers can make more sales from those chests?

Please have a look, @CaptainMorgan, if you could, please apply those changes asap! 

Regards ???

They put the limit on to keep players from farming gems but now with forging and oddyssey i find it difficult to have max resources as im sure others do too. Lifting the cap would be a good thing

I understand the limit on resource chests, but it really does make sense to lift it for the item chests. That would be a good change, i think. 

This topic is under consideration for change in the near future. Thanks for your suggestions.

Green items are far to be hard to find. I don’t know why you need to buy green chest in first place? at Ascension 80+ they are useless. just the daily chest,odyssey chest,in the Vault and War chest give enough items. I am so much full each time I have no choice to spend sometime 5 gems X maybe 10 times each 2 week or more to expand my inventory. I am at 158 right now and not enough. I need to up maybe at 170 or more. probably i will up at 200

Obtain all specific items are far to be hard. So i don’t know much why you ask to remove the limit? If I wanted each of my heroes should have cooldown perk,attack speed perk,life on hit perk,stun,petrify,etc… of each items but I sacrifice them because i don’t use that only keep the one I can need.



After a Odyssey or after a Wars i am too much full I have no choice to forge for many days in a row my new stuffs ( sometime 18 to 20 items per day). However if you have ask to add in the game the possibility to buy Epic Chest for 1 Millions its a long time I will have buy them. I need so much epic items they are enough rare. Godlike and titan I have enough of them probably 20 of each. Blue too but epic the purple one are rare nad in the vault you must be lucky to find them

so for me its not green,blue,yellow or red the problem but purple one. I search for purple one since many weeks to forge my stuffs. I think I will start slowly to transform useless green in purple to continue to forge my stuffs



Because sometime you just can’t get a good higher item of the kind of want (it’s months I’m not getting a power timer reduction for Hercules for example, of any color), and taking a green and forging it up can be a good solution.

And, never forget the ascension level. A titan you got at level 80 will anyway be way weaker than a green you get at level 90 and forge it up all the way to red.

Greens are a way to fight the cruelty of randomness :slight_smile:

that why I stop using godlike and titan and since the forge added in 3.7.0 I replace all my old items by new green one. Better stats. So slowly each time I restart forging after each Wars or Odyssey

for cooldown perk I just get that non stop for everyone, like attack speed and life on hit

This is why green items are important, btw.