Remove skull chest in CoF

Today I forgot to open it again ??? pls make an automatic skull count system for it. 

We asked this a dozen of times. Not even a single answer.

They say 75% that first chest is correct. I seriously dare to doubt that, the real number is actually way lower. We had 5 wars so far, out of those 25 raids at least 10 times I did need gems to find the skulls. And it’s not only during this season, lately more and more failures occur on first chest during war season plus conquest.

I understand it’s a nice source of gems, but this has nothing to do with skills. And risking 15-45 gems for finding the skulls, is just too steep. If inside the cof the odds were way higher to find gems, it would still be a good option, but now it just doesn’t feel great after a new failure on first chest.

A this war, cof ratio is: 3 zonk - 2 skull.
75% my ***** ?

War is hard again. Losing interest. 

Always open chest number 4. give me a ratio of 4/5 or 5/5. Sometimes 3/5 but the majority of time I get them all

How about finding extra skulls as random drops during raids? It’d be just as (un)likely but less costly and blatantly annoying. Or just give players those skulls randomly for no reason out of the blue, will make as much sense as those probability ratios.

Some players, who already have >100% regen rate heal ring, could win top bases without troops.
That is not acceptable for FG who try to earn a living from this game $$$. Mockery to this game as if it is too easy. ?

This topic is about the skull chests in the CoF. Open a topic about this elsewhere

Back to the topic, I totally agree, the skulls should be removed or added in another way as @JiggleFizziks suggested. Since the amount of skulls you get is based on the rank of that player in the alliance, I think we should just get the skulls automatically after the battle is finished

Can some flare staff confirm that the odds on first cof correct is still 75%? I have the feeling the opposite is reality. Last war season, 25% of first chest a success. Now on first day 12 raids, 9 out of 12 chests a failure. 

The odds these failures happen quite often, this so called bad luck I can’t call any longer a coincidence. So please a confirmation what the success rate should be during war seasons on success.

“Non-feasible Ideas” uh?


To be perfectly honest, the war raids are hard enough already that people are using gems on scrolls, there is no need to have skulls in the chests anymore.

Exactly. No need for putting skulls in war/conquest cof any longer. The odds to need 30 gems finding the skulls is 10%, so twice in a row is 1%. Needing next time again 15 gems is 0.25%. Sorry, but I don’t believe in bad luck.

I have seen bad luck that it’s more likely to win biggest lottery on Earth is more likely, it even happens once a lifetime, but with opening cof these odds lower than 1:400 happens almost every season. So sorry, but I suspect that the odds to succeed are drastically lowered.

It’s safe to say they tried as hard as they can. But please, if you want a more proper response it will only cost you 15 gems per request. I’ll give you a 75% chance of it happening. ?