Remove the Captain's Wheel Lamp from the Ships in the Ninja Event

At least on my screen, that’s a captain’s wheel lamp hanging above/in front of the Gate on all the Ships in the Ninja Event.

The problem with it is it blocks the view of the left Gate Tower, and since this idiotic system makes destroying Gate Towers idiotically important.  You need to at least let see what we’re supposed to be destroying! 

So either remove the lamp, or move it up directly above the Gate, or better yet fix the idiotic Gate Tower system of scoring!

Those dang chandelliers are annoying for the entire duration of the ship map. As if there weren’t enough visibility issues already.

Also, am I the only one that finds tower layouts INSIDE A FLAPPIN’ SHIP a grotesquely idiotic concept? I get this is a game and all but damn…

Why would they change something that was intentionally put in game to obscure players view of some towers? Just the same as some landscapes hide towers.

Because, maybe, it wasn’t intentional? Landscapes are different since they are pvp

Always thought it was intentional to add difficulty to the game. But you are right after all it is Flare.

Yeah, I don’t think it was intentional, I think it was an idiotic mistake.


This is the case, it is designed on purpose like this :slight_smile:

It was designed on purpose to be harder to see?

Wow… That just doesn’t make any sense… At all!

There must be other ways to add difficulty to a game and hiding our line of sight shouldn’t be one of them!

you remind Phoebe Armageddon?)))

Yeah, that’s another case…

Or a lane full of boosted pyros flashing all over my screen!

When @Maerique only asked for a lamp to be removed - it should be considered to be a compliment. I must agree with him - the ninja event is very well done.

But… Why?

Sorry but its really stupid. Next step? make the ship black screen totally black and only put some candles to see just a little to allow everyone to fail. C’mon on PC we don’t have any problem but for mobile user who use a very small screen. think about them a moment.

I think those people who are playing on the phones hands down are bad ass. I would have smashed my phone in a million pieces by now.

To be honest I found it quite difficult to use a computer. Couldn’t imagine playing without a touch screen or on a large touchscreen all the time…

I guess its like FPS. Many prefer Mouse and Keyboard and other Controller. I think its the same I hate play on my touchscreen on my ipad its hard and forced to use my finger so much just to move. On PC you use the mouse and use 1,2,3 for units. Really easy. We have different opinion on each device

It probably didn’t help that I was using a shite emulator but that doesn’t sound too bad. Maybe I’ll have to try it some time