Remove towers from Sergeants plus...

For conquest mode, please remove the ability of sergeants to make towers. In fact, I’d like to see a new rank above general that can build towers and remove towers from generals as well.

Towers are a powerful tool in Conquests, requiring a proper understanding of placement. Not everyone gets it. Giving sergeants this ability is poor design, imo. Assigning troops is far less critical and a good job for the new sergeant rank.

Generals are part of the leadership team, they must be players that the leader can trust.
And the new Alliance Rank “Sergeant” was added to allow Soldiers to help in Conquest, assigning Troops, building Watchtowers and assigning Orders.

If a member doesn’t have a proper understanding about those features and can’t follow orders from players with a better understanding, then I believe that member is not ready to be promoted to Sergeant or General.

It is up to the generals/leader to place orders for a general rule for how towers should be placed, or to assign tiles for where towers are to be built. If sergeants don’t follow those orders, why are those people still sergeants? Leadership has it’s benefits, and a chain of command. Should be followed and if it isn’t, there are consequences…such as removal of a coveted position.