Remove Trophy System

@Madlen in future is there any possibility to remove Trophy system? I have read in Forum that the impact of Trophy system has been reduced but I think its not yet. At present all at my island have almost 7+ trophies and most of them are above 130 or nearby this level. Currently my level is 116 so you can imagine its not easy to defeat these high level without using gems and for 3 Trophies only not any extra advantage to attack on those islands… sometimes it feels irritating when you lose 20+ trophies for n those islands… I think to retain good player who wants to play regularly need to do something fairly.


Thanks for bringing this up, i also wonder does anyone stand a chance to enter top 10 after November update?( Bottom players or players constantly losing 100-300 trophies everyday)

I think not , trophy system has always been a frustrating feature for many players of OR.

It is a good suggestion to remove it from the game.

In new update Bombarding attack has been removed but for gaining Trophies or playing this game you have your level opponent which I am not found. Also in inner circle should appear easy targets which is not everytime happen.

In my Alliance most of us facing this issue and it’s seriously frustrating.

I wasn’t top10 before November, I believe after the 20k trophy limit had opened up (or 22/24k), we were all very close and exchanging positions (all at 19999), and then I dropped to around 20-25th. There are endless battles below the top5-6. You just need to have time, it took me 5+ months to get to top10 for the extra titan points. It’s interesting.

But if you want to remove it, find a way to reward the players that are spending time and money in the game, and that would be fine. If I am promised 2-3 titan point per 100 successful attacks a day, then I don’t need the trophy system. 

However, I am wondering, if it’s not “helping” anyone below 120-130, then why should it be removed? Is it causing any sort of trouble? 

Yes, because matchmaking is determined by it. The higher you go on the leaderboard, the less often you’re matched with other players. I don’t know why it works that way, other than it breaks if it doesn’t.

Conversely, the lower you are on the leaderboard, the more often you’re matched. This partly explains why we see the same players (usually high level/low trophy) over and over again.

The trophy system doesn’t work well for these players, who are the majority of players, and it’s only gotten worse since the change from earning +25 for a successful high level attack to earning +15. That was a change that truly only benefited the elite, and it was reinforced with the next two matchmaking tweaks (one of which was partially undone).

I wasn’t always top100 or even top1000. Only few people have been constantly in the high ranked positions, some of them right now still in top10. There are ups and downs, people quit, others finally have time, as did I. And even after that specific change as you said, it’s just makes it even more important to get up there.

I think the reason, is because my battle map, is filled with minus 14 results at 99% rate. I am also a target, which will yield trophies over gems, at a better rate, in which case I get rarely “wins” as in defeating the opponent (unless much lower level/strength). Obviously if I got attacked at the same rate, as a player which is now below 100 or 500, I would be needing around x5 more than him/her, in order to keep my trophies and my rank.  I don’t see anything wrong with that, and that’s just an example. In the same sense, the lower trophy players can find a lot of +15’s which is scarce for the top players. So this is working in a way, so that there is some stability in the rankings, based on “same time” used for attacking, in my opinion. I could be wrong, but it certainly feels right, and the math add up… these 2 are valid points for getting “less attacked” or matched as you say. ***

I realize that the top10 might be out of reach for a new player, even a 6-10 month new player… but that’s also fair, now that there is no trophy cap (that we know of). That’s how ranking usually works, in these sort of things. My mini account has around 7k trophies with minimum effort and could potentially get much higher, it just needs time. The problem might be for players below the 100 mark, who can’t move in top10 or top100 so easy. If they put the time in however, day in, day out, they will see far more significant impact than I do. My target was top10 or top9 at max, looking at the board and deciding to go for it. You are stuck in the same ranking for days, sometimes weeks. A guy below 100, I can guarantee to them, he/she will be rising much easier in the beginning… which is at least something to look forward and pat yourself on your back. 

*** Revenge idea could possibly fix this issue, if done correctly…

Improving/overhauling the Trophy System is high on our priority list, however, due to the delicate nature of the system, and the complexity both of the Trophy System and other systems reliant on it, this will take time to implement. Don’t expect something in the next version, but perhaps later in the year.

The problem is that you and I are actually matched less often than a player who’s level 140 and has 5000 trophies. At any given time you might be on 10 opponents’ maps (fake number), while the other person is on 1000 maps (again, fake number). At the rate that they are attacked, they can’t get out of that 5000 trophy range. It just doesn’t happen. And 15 months ago, all of those +15s for a player like this used to be +25s. The system is more broken now. 

Hi Guys, 

We can have different trophy leagues like alliance war leagues, so that strong ppl will aim for top leagues. And rewards can be different for each league, like more gold, gems, titan chests, gold chests etc. There should be significant change in the rewards  for each tier, so everyone tries to get more trophies.

Hi Guys,

We can have different leagues in trophies like alliance leagues and have different rewards for different tiers, so that everyone tries to reach next tier. But rewards should be significant for each tier.

Yeap, I realize that… and gave my explanation of it above. I think it works fine. For the people I constanly get on my map (“pe a” or “pa e”) comes to mind, is a perfect example. He is 3k I think. He is probably doing a lot of attacks, receiving a lot too. I am pretty sure he gets chances at +15 all the time, but he is constantly on same amount of trophies, which means he is either failing or has a really bad defende (combination of both possible). For him to raise his trophies, he needs to fix something, because the attacks should really give you some surplass… 

The “chips” guy is the same… and several others. Once they fix their game, and get up in trophies, naturally they won’t be places on 1000 maps as you say, but less.

I cant be sure what they are experiencing, but I cant believe its broken down there, because I am 7k as I said and level 91-92. So if his level is also affecting the attacks, its also a good point… what he doing at 130 or 140? Just upgrading buildings to level up (no defences) ??? 

I think a lot of people do that and it irrevocably breaks the game for them.  You get stuck in high level/low trophy quicksand. 

This may have always been the case to some degree, but it’s MUCH worse in the past year. 

There are many aspects of the trophy system that I don’t like and think it’s broken and hasn’t done the game any favours at all to maintain and grow the player base:

  1. Those players mentioned like Chips, Athena72, Noia22, Triarius (who brought up this issue many months ago) etc get hit far more often than the norm, and it must send their heroes back to Olympus so often must make collecting resources extremely hard.  Not to mention the frustration of losing trophies.

  2. The frequency of higher leader board players is extremely rare even for high ranked players- especially taking into account they are doing 100s of attacks per day on average ( Ive dropped from 20th to about 30th and haven’t seen a difference, ie maybe 1 x +15 trophies in a week, even with 100s of attacks)

  3. As linking accounts was/is still quite common can you really compete against players sharing one account. There’s no ‘policing’ of this despite FG’s account sharing policy. Which leads to the next point.

  4. As a new player the leader board is one less aspect for a new player to enjoy and compete in, as even a very active player will never really break into top 50 ever if they start now. Yes you’ll get a lot of +15 up to a point probably about 20k trophies then progress up is a lot less.

  5. A good revenge system will help so hope that is implemented sooner rather than later.

  6. I think oddessy fame could be taken into account when calculating trophies gained/lost, this would help ‘balance’ the gains/losses between new and old players somewhat. After all a player that beats a hard base with large added % oddesyy buffs should receive extra reward for winning shouldn’t they :grinning:  

I dont disagree… I am actually trying now with my mini, to build a defence by rasing level of towers/barricades, and see how it goes. Its not the same, but I want to see if this is possible, then that is the correct approach, instead of just leveling up heroes hall. The problem is that by gaining levels, the worshippers you need is higher, but if you do not upgrade the small stuff for 4-5 levels worth, then your next 2-3 hero halls can potentially increase your level massively (more than when you normally build most upgrades AND THEN, level up your heroes level)… my opinion @CaptainMorgan is that, there should be somehow a less contribution to worshippers, in the main buildings that get too much upgrades, and increase the contibution to worshippers, for those upgrades/defences left behind “intentionally”. This will make things, somehow better for the people that gain levels with no basic upgrades (like 20 vs 30 levels increase). This should be somehow proportional, in those cases.

Having said that, I dont think the trophy system is broken or worst by design… its just that people are playing their game, the way they want it, with consequences. Whether they want them or not, well, its probably back to the info provided within the game, which doesnt explain it well… at least for the players, who need more help/info to undersrand…

I think it got worse, because people want to gain levels faster (not bacuse of game design). Which i disagree, but a new player somehow thinks its good for him. This is not the type of game, that allows or rewards that, and I LOVE this part. As well as the fact, that we have some 117 level (when I was 131) or 124 level, and they were beasts, competing on same level as the rest high levels.

The only reason, I would “agree” to “fix” the trophy system, would be to please the masses. But if they do not care to play the game correctly or better, then what is the point? You could add a nee “God” and give the lower players a boost for more trophies with less effort, which wont take trophies from the top players. But like I said elsewhere, Zeus/Hades need a boost, or be level depended… I don’t even bother to use them, I can lose on top bases (especially Zeus). 

  1. I get 2 of the 4 people you mentioned. Which is good to know. It means there are different pools, so I might be hitting them constantly, but others are hitting others.

to your point however - its their fault probably.

  1. thats true, and intended. So you raised your possible pool of +15 from 12-13 people to 22-23 ? Why should there be a huge impact? Its not, double the people, double the +15 occurance. My mini has at least 2 per day, and also some 7-8 trophy gain… and I dont play so much. And this was the case with my main account, when I was not in top 100 or top250… I got them often. Not after that. Right now, I may see a +15 a week. 

  2. that I agree… but it is what it is. 

  3. thats also true about the 20k. After that, it needs a lot more effort. A new player can’t be compared with players than have been here from the very beginning. I don’t play WoW or other games with online global ranking, and I pretty sure from the roumors that you cant possibly reach the top… in any f**** way… its not even remotely a discussion. Well the smaller the player base, the easier, but not that easy, it doesn’t make sense. 

  4. Agreed, if done correctly 

  5. Agreed, good suggestion. The best indication of an active “good” player.

It’s not surprising that an extremely high ranked player won’t often see players ranked higher than him if there are only 20 something of them out of thousands of possible matches. I think the issue is that the highest ranked players get matched with everybody less often than the lower ranked players, regardless of activity, and that this has been exasperated over the past year by removing caps and forcing matches with high level/low trophy players on the inner islands.

Another issue is that players stuck in low trophy hell probably need to upgrade their resource buildings. Their heroes don’t stay on resource islands long enough to earn anything. It’s a negative feedback loop. 

My point was that although there were 50% more possible matches the frequency of them appearing didn’t increase by 50%. So taking that int account if I dropped to say rank 50 again would I see any increase, maybe a small one. What I’m saying is that IT IS disproportional based on trophy # and definitely going by the amounts of attacks they are doing. After all the top 50 players prob do more attacks than the rest of the top 500 combined per day, and following on the top 500 probably do more attacks than the top 10k per day! More activity should mean appearing more on enemy islands - not less as it currently is.


It’s still a totally insignificant number though. Even if you went from having 10 players above you to having 50, if you match with 1,000 players the odds are still virtually the same to hit a high trophy guy.  

10 in 1000 is 1% chance: 50 in 1000 is 5% chance so should be 5X as frequent in your example, but experience tells us that its isn’t 5x frequent (its about the same IMO) as it should be. It’s seems to me the higher you go the less you appear on anyones islands.

You didn’t go from number 10 to number 50 though.  

And while a 1% chance is extremely unlikely, a 5% chance is still also extremely unlikely, especially concidering that you’re already less likely to encounter high trophy players than lower trophy players.