Remove uber items from pro chests

This is so annoying. 

I won 6 pro chests and I got 8 uber items and 0 pro items… this is just ridiculous. When all other rarities in the chest is pro then why add uber items. It seems like recently the probability of getting uber items in them increased.

At least you got items, count me in for only getting pal food and pearls …  :angry:

I Would much rather have that than uber items 

Seriously food and pearls are the most important currency in game right now (aside from gems)

Found a few uber items, would rather have pro pearls (pro gems even better!) instead. No complaints however, when those ubers would be better ones than the ones I have in terms of stats. 


Crystals are more important than both. They are rarer and, most importantly, you can’t buy them with money.

You can survive without crystals ? pearls needed to get stronger, food need for pals…

Going by what you can’t live without, then bread if the absolute most important resource. But that’s not even remotely a good metric.

We’re going by what has the most value. That’s crystals for sure. You need them and you can use them to help make you stronger. Crystals are the only currency that you have to “work hard” to get them. You can use them to get everything else in the game (via pro shop + pro chests), but you can’t use anything else to directly buy them, not even real money.

It’s a no brainer really.


Getting back on topic, I do agree that the probability of getting uber items should be converted into getting pro items/tickets.

Flare is only interested in the gems/money you spend, not in what you get as reward.?

Make pro chest as draft chest imo…like in Clash Royale!

The most important thing to play this game are PC/gadget and Internet connection.

pro chest must contain pro items, its annorying and absurd having uber items in pro chest.

waiting for flare to decide that pro chests should be like the other chests, so most of the time 1 pro level reward, then rest uber and below  :lol:

Let,  then in the Uber chests, come across Pro-items.???

Best idea lol. Everyone would tier up in ninja 

Totally agree @Macamus, Pro Items should be special chests. Only pro items in them. They shouldn’t be like any other chest that gets items that are below the main value of the chest

i watched a video from flotha in yourtube where he opened 10 pro chest and he got only pro items, but that video was from some months ago,  but now i think that flare changed that. cuz several times i got only uber items.

Have only got 5 overall Pro Gear from over 20 overall chests (that’s a guess on how many chests I’ve earned. It may be more). I mainly get Pro pearls and pro pals, but I get Uber Items way more often than Pro Gear