Removing 2 clicks from Hero Preparation

"Newb Enablers" series

Click-click-click… the Inventory button becomes a veritable clicker, when new chests arrive. 

  • Click 1: Open “Hero Preparation” page.
  • Click 2: Close “Player Profile” to open “Inventory” array.
  • Click 3: Open “Equip” display for D-L-H stats.
  • Click 4: Equip hero (while checking impact on stats).
  • Click 5: Move to next hero & repeat clicks 2-5.

(1) What if we could kill Click #3? Let’s try displaying the gear slots & primary stats (Damage-Leadership-Health) upfront. Well, no harm done here…

The additional info on the Player Profile is drawn from my previous suggestions here & here. Also, notice the newly suggested Forging button on top. 


(2) Next, can we kill Click #2…? Well, this may require some doing after all…

Here, the Hero Preparation page directly presents the Inventory opened and gear array displayed. This means, the out-of-place Player Profile is eliminated from Hero Preparation. Well, this means, we need to find a home for the “Inventory” & “Colorize” buttons, not to mention the “Accept alliance invitations” and “Accept private messages” functionalities. So, the Colorize button is squeezed in under the left hero panel. And, the invitations & messaging options are shifted to the Options page (BTW, would it be better to rename “Options” as “Settings”?). So, extending my previous suggestion, the Options page could be presented thus:

(_ Note : The Private Message functionality is discussed in my previous suggestion._)

Lo & behold! 2 clicks gone… ?

Thanks. ☺️