Removing perks: Removed perk should be 0% chance to reroll on next successful forge

Well that was annoying: I removed the speed boost perk from first slot on some boots… but when I reforged the boots… I got back the speed boost. So basically I spent 50 gems for nothing.

The simple fix: whenever you remove a perk, the probability for that perk to reroll should drop to 0% until the next successful forge.

Alternative fix: add an option to spend 50x(number of perks available) gems to let me pick the perk I want!!! It’s bloody annoying this stupid %chance% mechanic. What type of blacksmith doesn’t know WTF he is doing when forging items: seriously: in any other fantasy system, a blacksmith forges for a specific perk… there is a chance of failure: but (for example) if I’m using hydra poison to forge for the poison perk… then I’m not going to get some other random perk!!!

Flaregames’ type of blacksmith, that’s who (apparently). :wink: It’s that damn bird I tell you… Maybe not only it distracts him so that he fails but also he forgets what he was doing?

A long term solution to this would be to store used perks in the item container so that each perk you delete would be added to the list of unavailable perks. That would mean you’d run out of perks if you’re persistent enough but maybe just store 3-4 last perks. Remembering just the last deleted perk wouldn’t help because if you rerolled and deleted again because it’s something lame again you’d risk getting the original perk back on next forge.

I may not be deleting perks much but I’ve wasted a lot of pearls forging legendary items with two good perks and third one ending up useless. It’s exciting to have random things but it’d save a ton of time and stress to just make the exact item you want instead of hoping for that one 1/9 perk.

They could let us chose the perk indeed. I wouldn’t care if they ask 100-200 gems for getting the perk of our choice. The randomness is just not good. Some are very fortunate and find it within a few tries, while others need dozens of attempts to find the perk they want or even not at all.

For example, I am now searching for my missing farm perk. The odds are 13% on that item. Still I already upgraded over 20 items so far and nope, most times it’s a perk like extra poison damage or whatever, but so far not the perk I want. With the option to select it, this randomness (read frustration) is at least away and players can get the perk of choice. I also want to extend my luck gear, but whatever I forge that could give it, I didn’t find it so far.

So when I am unfortunate, at the moment I melt the item and wait for the next legendary item with right stats. Knowing that removing doesn’t increase the odds to find it, males me not investing (wasting) gems. So actually flare is literally hurting themselves

Very good idea. I have search for 1 year a legendary ring who give me skull perk but because of this random perk chance. I have try many time 50 gems but you must be very lucky to obtain the perk you want. Finally after try on like 10 legendary ring I finally got the Skull Perk. Now I search for a legendary belt for skull perk. I found 2 of them but again I got luck perk and Blizzark Perk. Not really what I wanted and like the ring they are enough rare in chest. So I don’t know when the next time I will obtain a legendary belt

If Flare add a 50 gems a perk can be really awesome. By example I spend 50 gems to remove the luck perk then this perk is remove of the list and you obtain next Firestorm perk, you spend 50 gems and got Toxic Cloud. Remove after remove you will obtain the skull perk. I don’t care if I need to spend 200 gems but at least you will obtain it for sure

I don’t like the random part in a game that remind me of Magic Rush few days ago. I have like 6500 gems and that was the Hunt Event your first roll dice is free but after is 100 gems the roll. I have spend all my 6500 gems to try to obtain the new Legendary Hero but that was a trick to make spend money people or waste all of their gems. The developer have put number that make the roll never happen on the square where the Legendary Hero is. So you can try 60 turn,100 turn,200 turns at 100 gems you will never got the Legendary Hero

So here you must be very lucky to obtain what you want at least if you want skull perk. At 8% is very hard to obtain it without spend like 300-1000 gems. So if we can have a feature that will allow to remove a perk after each 50 gems of the list its gonna be appreciated. Between lost 1000 gems or wait 1 year to obtain what I want or spend like 50-200 gems but more succeed chance to obtain the perk I want I prefer this way



You got the point Warrior. I don’t care to spend 50 gems to eliminate perks from the list every time. But at least on that item I don’t want to see that perk again on that item. After eliminating for example toxic cloud, I don’t want to get toxic cloud any longer as option inside the list. Even when I am very unfortunate and get another perk I don’t want, I know that I get closer to the perk I want. Even when there are for example 20 possible options and I am very unfortunate, I know that after eliminating 19 unwanted perks, I will get the one I want. 

Just because of this, I refuse to pay gems and just melt down the item in question and wait for another legendary item (with good primary statistics, like leadership or scream perk) to pass by and try again. And after a dozen failures it’s leading to not so happy players. The randomness must be limited. After max three times removal of a perk, the player should get the option to pick the option of his choice. He payed more than enough pearls plus gems at that moment.

It also would offer more options to us. Say I have double egg aura rings. I could remove farm perk from one of them and try to get skull gear on it. With this option it would be very attractive to try to remove perks we want to replace. now we just melt one of the double items (the one with best statistics we keep).

Current situation is that we time after time get perks we already removed and we are literally forced to repeat this infinite times and hope to be fortunate. This is just unfair. After removing a perk, I at least want the removed one not appearing again. Even when it takes 1000 gems, in the end we know we will get the perk that we search for. 

I know your feelings… :feelsbadman:

And I’ve melted down another ring with +16 or +17 unsuccessful tries

In my case I would definitely like to remove the ice of the diamond ring and replace it with skull perk. 

Also on wind cape plus whammerhead I would replace the other perk with skull gear. At least I would get a very strong set of items that way for war season. It would open more options to get better sets of items, without risking that we never find the perk we want due to being unfortunate in the casino.

Like I said, give us the option to pick the perk we are interested in for 100-200 gems. Even 250 gems would be fine with me, at least we know that we get what we are looking for.

It opens options to create very good items out of unique items. And for flare this is a win situation, since players will spend more gems.

Love this!

Another thing, if you melt down a forged item, you should get 5 - 10% of the pearls that you dumped into it back. 

I agree if you forge items at +10 the items should up in pearls value. When i spend pearl to up a items at +6 or +10 and get only 15 pearls for a Uber Items its really disappointing. Like someone have post screenshot about the gold value who up with forge. Pearls should up with forge too

A pretty intuitive suggestion, something that the developers should’ve also thought about themselves a long time ago. For some reason, devs really hate spending time on improving players’ experience via small QoL changes. I hate that that’s a thing within the industry.

We took action and introduced your idea in the game with this live server update:

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I don’t think its working…i was removing third perk on my speed cape…i have alrdy removed perks 7tym to get skull perk but didn’t get it…and while doing so…i have got shield spell perk twice on tht…i have wasted 50gems for nothing.

The change doesn’t Work the way you described it, you misunderstood it. It just removes the possibility of getting the same perk with your next spin. 

But after 7 tries it is possible to get a perk twice, as long as it was not in a row. For instance getting shield boost at 2nd try and at 4th try is possible but it’s Impossible to get it on 2nd  and right after on 3rd.

Ohhhhh…i get it now?:v:

But whats the point of tht update… getting same perk after removing tht perk only… haven’t seen or heard of it before?

Yeah, it’s bull sh!t! 

Once a perk is removed it should never be able to come back. 

I removed the Scream perk from a cape.  And re-rolled hoping for Leadership.  I got Gold.  I waited, re-removed it, re-rolled and got Scream back!  re-re-remove, re-re-rolled Gold again!  Re-re–re-re Scream again, re-re-re-re-re Gold, Scream, and finally Leadership!

Another Ring, I was working on I removed Toxic Cloud, re-rolled and got Werewolf, re-re-rolled and got XP, re-re-re: Werewolf, re-re-re-re: XP, and I’m waiting for another roll now!  I’ll keep you updated with this horror story!


Answer has been given, I can see the conversation is shifting, so I’m locking this thread.