Removing Pro League scores after the end of league

Excuse me, but what is happening right now ?

Not only, Flothaboss’ score has not been adjusted in monthly leadboard and due to this fact some players got way worse rewards they supposed to get but also what I’m noticing right now, that some players and their scores are being removed AFTER the league has ended and AFTER rewards have been distributed. Which means that those who got removed received their rewards anyway and the rest of legit players got worse rewards than they supposed to.

I’m myself was ranked 132th in monthly leaderboard, collected my rewards and now I can see I’m on 123th place! Yes, I was not affected in terms of rewards (yet) but others are.

Is this something that suppose to happen ?


Lol! This definitely doesn’t sound quite right… if and when they remove cheaters/abusers from the leaderboard, that should generally be done before rewards are given out… including pro league stars, crystals, points, gems etc.

Maybe @flaretara or @Nikko can clarify these proceedings and check back on what was done and when/why.

It’s cause they’re too busy transferring gems to their superstar, rather than working on the game itself

The Pro league is a joke, when its so easy to cheat, why even bother. But the bigger problem is if they cant even spot cheat in top 10 in Pro league, how Can they ever spot cheat in general during war and whatever goes on in the game ?


For whatever it is worth, I got 10 gems less due to this whole mess-up. I was at 2,007 when monthly prizes were given, now 1,997 so I got 10 gems less, and a lower ‘quality’ pro chest. Well, what’s worse is some got upto 25K gems less for this mess. @flaretara so I believe support is the right way for compensation? 

Any official word would be welcomed I guess :slight_smile:

Agree… @flare should start to response to all question…not only this “comfortable” question. No answer mean for me that we have hit some weak point :grinning:

I got less rewards??.

I ranked over 100 at rewards time.

And now it show 95.

Missed: 1 pro chest and 100 gems.???

I just hope we get a proper official reply here tomorrow.

Otherwise I guess support will be drowned in tickets from people asking wtf is going on, as well as those who demand compensation and some who just see support tickets as a way to express their frustration when forums are ignored.

Poor support guys then, lol…


Wow, two short posts in a day :open_mouth:

Indeed! That could lower my average post length to somewhere slightly closer to “normal” :blink:

Rest assured though, I already did a wall of text post in the mod section to compensate! :lol:

Anyway, let’s try to stay on topic here, shall we? :grinning:


There’s is a possibility that some players with intention to cheat (and also who possessed the ability to cheat) to get his or her fights in the last hour, to be exact say 40-45 minutes before the pro-league ends. Doing so will make it harder for Flare to spot the cheats when they had to disperse the rewards as soon as the tournament ends.

My suggestion to Flare is to hold back the rewards for say 3 or 6 hours while you go through the list of at least the top 20 or 40 in the final standings. You guys should have an auto video recording of the games saved in the server which is triggered, say the moment a player steps into top 100 of the ranking of any day of the pro-league. So when the pro-league ends, you view back these saved videos and see if there is any irregularities. If yes, three things will happen - one: the current score in the just ended pro-league will be nullified i.e. the cheating player gets nothing; two, that cheating player is banned from participating in the next 4 pro-league and three, that player will be put in watch list and after the ban, he will be observed for an undisclosed period should he participate to see if still cheats where harsher penalties awaits including a permanent ban.

All this will take more work on Flare’s part but it is worth it and must be done to ensure the integrity of the pro-league remains. Otherwise, it is pointless for a genuine player to compete and waste his gems and time.



arsenius( @Akshat)lost 15 k gems by that

jisabee lost too

both are free players.


i think @Flothaboss you must fix it.

really i dnt see point, why Flare dnt keep their words?


i submitted a request to support team - i was @ 86 or 90th rank while giving reward,now 86,if flothas score was adjusted i would have reached  rank 75, 200 more gems for me.

this was their response

(Hello Dheeraj1615,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We are sorry to hear that are having this experience in one of our games.

We take such issues very seriously. Therefore, be assured that we will investigate this as soon as possible and will take appropriate action if necessary.

Please understand that you might not receive a personal update on your request as we cannot share information about specific users with other players.

Should we require additional information to investigate your case, we will get back to you immediately.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards.)

I think it’s remarkable how they handle those situations. Just ignore everything, Instead of saying something about what happened. They rather decide to hide like little cowards. Well, I guess that’s the easiest way to handle those kind of situations. But hey, at least the almighty god of RR2 gets his rewards, so everything is fine

Yup, they usually do it. I expect they will give an official answer today when they finally figure out how to handle this situation, however, all that was needed at this point was someone saying “Sorry guys, something messed up. As soon as we figure out what happened and how to fix it we will inform you asap”. That’s it. Not hard at all. Silence is annoying especially when it is visible on forum that FG guys were reading this post and of course are aware of the fact that something like that happened. Why is so hard to say anything ?

Someone from Flare: just admit that a mistake was made, say you’re trying to fix it, then actually fix the mistake and finally come back here and post again saying the mistake was taken care of.


It’s easy.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for having brought this issue to our attention and we thank you for your patience while we work on a solution. We would like to extend our sincere apologies to those who have been affected by this issue and we will keep you posted as soon as we have more information in this matter.

Hey @Nikko

I am Arsènius II, because of your developer account Flothaboss I f**ked up 15k gems and 2 pro chest… these amount of gems are huge to me. I made a ticket but no solution given to me yet. Either you remove his scores or adjust his scores from leaderboard. 

And again i wasnt affected by any issue you just to adjust your developer score and give my gems what i deserved. What is taking so long in this. ?

I want my 15k gems back thats it!!!

First time you don’t answer with : don’t cry  like a baby, or if you don’t like it stop playing.

Also proofs that when a problem is directly to someone you know, the reaction is different.

Lot off players understand the problem off some of your teammates.

Only we can hope you understand the problems other players have in future…