removing ruins

is there a possibility that an event count in the removing ruins?

Can be cool Ruin Event. Cheaper at 90%. My right side the ruin its all remove maybe just one still but on my left side so many ruin and that stop me to do some design

to be honest I think its stupid that the cost of ruin up each time you remove one. The price should be fix at 20 Gems. Its insane the gems you waste to remove ruins. You need like 1000 gems if its not more

I think ruins should be free for everyone. Or they should not exist. Damn,may i be free to create a path without any problems? They are another example of greediness. They are just stupid ruins but the game wants us to spend gems. 

The gem cost only goes up in the beginning, later it stays at 50 (never paid more for now). Which is still too high :grinning:

No!!! each time I remove one the price up I have remove one or two maybe 1 month ago and 50,75,100 and still up.Each time I remove one the price of gems up. right now if I want to remove one again cost me 100 gems. i am sure if I do it the next gonna be at 125 gems and so on. that up of 25 gems each ruins

give me 1 minute and I show you a screenshot


max price to remove ruin is 100 gems

Good to know :slight_smile: still the price its so expensive the ruin should be free or like Cloud Raiders remove it with Gold

I can comfirm that, removed a lot of ruins, think three or four are left.

Yeah it’s pretty high considering that there are around 20-30 ruins (dunno the exact numbers though) to remove in the account since the beginning, calculations make from themselves.

It’s pretty high the price especially for a low and mid lvl players that find difficulties to get gems.

I guess i got lucky with ruins then, one side was mostly free of ruins.
Maybe 3-4 are left and i hope to get rid of them for 50 gems, not 75 or 100 …