Removing secundary perk

I just found legendary lvl 118 fire boots in a chest I received from last war. Now I wanted to remove the fire part and see if I got lucky and was able to get myself some new epic speed boots. But now I noticed I can’t remove the fire resistance? Was this always like this? Am I in need to upgrade the shitty fire perk three times to recive and uber perk that I can upgrade before I can remove the fire and try for speed? That would be a waste of pearls :slightly_frowning_face:

It was indeed changed some time ago.

I guess, the reason was the bug in resetting the item-lvl to 0 or 1, when removing all perks.

So they “fixed” that bug with limiting the possibility to remove perks.

I have a doubt, once you get your third perk, is it possible to remove the secondary perk and upgrade the third to get a new secondary one? or maybe you just lose the secondary forever?