removing the expiration date of chests

The expiration date of chests should be removed. It happens so many times that we win uber chests from the ninja event (in my case usually 26 ubers) and we don’t get a blacksmith event before they expire. So many chests get wasted. Most of the time I have to sell the stuff ot melt it without a blacksmith event. It’s annoying. That won’t happen if the expiration date would be removed

Maybe the expiration date should be adapted to the cycle. We have now a three week cycle, so why the chests aren’t valid for three weeks at least. Better indeed is no expiration date, but I remember that players were saving tons of chests, when there was no expiration date.


The post seems strange.

why we should have the bs after ninja?

everything is ok

if you want melt- buy the ubers, easy

Not a good idea. This was added to the game to avoid people to stack over 100 chests. This was already in the game in 2014-2015. The chest had no timer but Flare have discover a lots of player stacked over 100 chest and more. We have read over 200 from some. So this feature was added to the game to avoid that. So no I don’t think Flare will come back to a previous feature

It was a cheat/bug also with unlimited chests