rename alliance

Hello flaregames developers, i’ll like rename my alliance: The.Guardians/level alliance:55/

And change it to: IMPERIO MAYAS

Because our members are there just we move,because our members are to much!!

I hope you can help me


Did you get any joy with Flare? 


We never, we wanted to lose the political inference from our alliance Czech Republic, but Flare refused so we have political link in name.  Which the current members do not want.


Must pay 50 000 gems to change name

Flare! Im getting bit pissed now.

For some reason in the past 2 weeks you allowed fqr to change there names. But refusing it still to arabic REVOLT?

Aether! Can you find out why this exception was made? And why it isnt approved to alliances which have political/geopolitical issues in their names