Renaming the Buildings of Mount Olympus

Hello FG developers,

This may be a cosmetic suggestion, but has relevance in inter-player communications. Here are the use cases…

  1. In the names of Acropolis buildings, the term “temple” occurs 3 times. So, when players discuss Mount upgrades and war preparations in the alliance chat, we need to type the full name as “Heroes’ Temple” or “Gold Temple” or “Ambrosia Temple”, instead of just “temple”. Having unique names for each of these places of worship could help communicate faster and more precisely. 
  2. To type the apostrophe in Heroes’ Temple, on mobile devices, we need to take an extra effort to switch to symbol keys. On PC, we accidentally end up pressing Enter (next to the apostrophe). 
  3. The term “Gold” and “Ambrosia” repeats in 2 names, which could confuse. E.g., “Upgrade Ambrosia temple”… “Sorry, Gold temple ?”… “Oops, I meant Ambrosia storage ?”.

To simplify things for us chatteratti, the following names are suggested (with a preposition “of” for parallelism): 

  • Pantheon of Heroes (instead of “Heroes’ Temple”, now simply referred to as the “pantheon”)
  • Academy of Ares (instead of “War Academy”, simply referred to as the “academy”)
  • Shrine of Powers (simply referred to as the “shrine”)
  • Guardhouse of Thanatos (simply referred to as the “guardhouse”)
  • Temple of Life (instead of “Ambrosia Temple”, now simply referred to as the “temple”)
  • Silo of Ambrosia (instead of “Ambrosia Storage”, now simply referred to as the “silo”)
  • Chapel of Wealth (instead of “Gold Temple”, now simply referred to as the “chapel”)
  • Vault of Gold (instead of “Chamber of Gold”, now simply referred to as the “vault”)
  • Theater of Dionysos (simply referred to as the “theater”)
  • Library of Wisdom (simply referred to as the “library”)
  • Alliance Hall of Uranus (simply referred to as the “hall”)
  • Gate of Apollo (simply referred to as the “gate”)

Please consider. Thanks  ?.

This would also require an additional cost in translation in all the supported languages. Quite expensive too ^^

Good point, I didn’t consider that. But very much appreciate the inputs; I will factor in this as well next time I come up with an idea. Thank you, Ataide ?