Rent high level kings

A low level king rent a high level kings using his\her gems\pearls…and the high level king will get those gems … Please reply …

hey, you are suggesting a feature or asking about it?

no no buddy …i am not asking…i am suggesting…it…in the game

If you’re a KING do you want to be RENTED? Well I think you just have to form an alliance and ask other “Kings” to raid someone you want. But of course if only you are bullied by higher level players… :slight_smile:


sure thats possible to do now…you get high lvl king to fight in your clan and low lvl king leaves to xtra donate in high lvl kings clan…the feature is already there…find a willing high lvl king

He’s talking about hiring mercenaries, just failing to put it in video game cool terms!  :slight_smile:

Please explain how this will work? When will a low level king hire a high level king? What will he gain? How will it work in war time? How will it work outside of war? What if they are of different alliances? If I hire a high level king, what will he do for me? What if I hire a king and he goes offline? 

there are a few high level kings in game. in war season suppose a low level alliance member hire a high level king by giving gems to the high level king… for 3 fights only… or for more number of fights… how many number of fights i want to fight with the rented high level king required parallel number of gems…and i can use only the the high level kings leadership and health and attack …whatever he has,but i fight with my own units and spells… and if i like to use high  level units from the rented kings then pay some more gem to him or her…


It is always good to hear about new ideas. I see a few good and bad things about this idea:

The good : It make a lot more options available in the game for low level and high level kings.  :slight_smile:

The bad: It will provide an extreme easy “pay to win” system.  :slightly_frowning_face:

I personally do not like this idea. There is already elements in the war where you can use gems to get more sculls - like the chamber of fortune at the end. If you guess wrong, you can open the extra sculls with gems. This feature is extremely frustrating for many people (including myself). When a high level king is hired with gems (in other words money), you “pay to win”. No one likes a game that is too much manipulated by money. The other thing is, that any low level king can level up and become a high level king, he only needs to play daily for a long time.   :slightly_frowning_face:

An alternate option to this would be to have an option in the game where you can pay gems to temporary level your king up during a war time. (I also thing this is a bad idea).

All of the above suggestions is to get past the waiting periods that is so integrated in the game. And yes I do think that this “waiting” or “paying gems” to complete system is very frustrating and flawed. And yes we do need to get something better.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about this idea…

I think a mercenary or hit job feature would be cool…

A player can put out a contract on another player…

For example, i can’t take out the #1 player on the game, but I could put out a contract on him: 24 gems if you can raid him and get 3 crowns. 

The raiding player doesn’t get any gold but does get the gems if he gets 3 crowns.  The player who put out the contract gets all the raided gold either way.

Also I’d lock in the amount of Gold the players going to get the moment the contract is put out.

And because the gold can’t be kept in holding until the contract is fulfilled, I’d say this gold just comes out of no where.  Ultimately, we’re paying gems for it so Flare can just let that slide.  They’ve got millions in gold flying out the window every day with their new free chests!  What’s a little more.

I can join ur clan if u pay me gems.i fight for u next season


I think this variation can work (that is keep it out of the wars). :slight_smile:

I will add these ideas as well:

  1. When a high level king accept a contract, he need to pay gems to get it. (If he is successful, the gems return to him, plus the gems of the contract)

  2. When a high-level king attack, he can not use scrolls. He must win with his skill alone. The high-level king should be penalised if he do not get 3 crowns - should cost him gems. A % of these gems should go the king that was attacked if the attack was not successful.

  3. The contract should be for a limited time - once accepted. I suggest 24 hours. If the high level king was unsuccessful, the contract is available for other kings to accept it.

  4. The contract should specify the minimum amount of gold the low-level king wants. (The lower the gold, the cheaper the cost in gems for the contract). When the king is attacked, all his gold is taken and the rest is provided by the updated gold algorithm.

  5. If there is a contract on a king - he should get a warning. This will enable him to provide a better defence. (We should not attack kings with open bases)

  6. It does not make sense that a 4000 trophy king attack a 2000 trophy king or a level 100 king attacking a level 60 king. There must be some sort protection - I suggest 1000 max trophy range and max of 10 levels better than the king that is being attacked)



This can be fun