Replace DOOM gate with trebuchet gate as war reward

Its range could be the entire base or minus 2 squares from tent…


Now what you could load in this is almost limitless…

-My preference is heavily stuffed fake farm animals with incoming appropriate sounds that can squish some troops or damage.

sheep cows llamas granny(nobody really likes her anyway)?

anyway I’m sure other will have some ideas too :grinning:


It’s time that these war boosts get downgraded to permanent boosts and that seasonal boosts are the rewards for alliances. Now some alliances skip some seasons, just because they don’t want to climb too high in terms of fiefdoms and are just interested in some kind ofwar boosts.

Sone are only interested in mumny, others only in pyro, while a third group wants frenzies. Whatever te reason might be, it’s a fact that some teams deliberately lose. That’s why I suggest to make seasonal boosts the rewards and let us prolong them max to the end of next season. 

Yeah its hard the boost thing though whats the incentive for war?

I also though just offering 1,2 or 3 boost vouchers and extend what you want for 10 days.  Then the war is just a war plus you get a huge variety of boosts activated , mixes it up.

The war boosts could be activated with them but a lower alliance may like cannons or another elite boost for 10 days? if your saving for ally upgrade you could use for regular boosts.

Reminds me of Worms.

Interesting idea though. Would certainly be something different, and likely quite annoying (having your troops squashed from the get go would make bringing any army kinda pointless. Maybe area effects from bombardment - slow, poison, fear etc?).

Or just normal damage?   The start of the noise could be the targeting start so a scream forward or back could make a miss occur

It probably would not fire that often so most likely you would be gone from the tent area anyway (bit like the first insta)