Replay the dungeon to win a tournament

In 2 weeks ,we may not replay the dungeon to win a tournament just because of a few players that only represents a weak percentage on the whole.  it’s innaceptable.  NO Average PLAYERS WILL BE ABLE TO  WIN A DIAMOND LEAGUE OR PLATINUM LEAGUE.   We will have ridiculous scores !!!

Yeah, I know, this is indeed a ridiculous change. I’m glad they told us beforehand to give us some time to adapt or at least anticipate the change. Everyone enjoy these last few days of your dungeon fighting!

to win a tournament only in dungeon you need a lot of food … attack players is still cheaper


It’s cheaper at higher levels, sure, when you can get 500+ medals per attack, but for mid tier players like myself, dungeons are the best (and most safe, I might add) source of medals

a high level you need 80k+ to win a diamond league … but thats work … now … at war i raid with full fights round about 30k a day …  without extra fights and no looses

Flare choice to listen and agree on thing are so random. Something everyone agree and asked were ignore for so many years and something silly like this got approve. I wont mind spam some random stranger base with high trophy count to win tournament. Just it will cause their freaking whole alliance to attack my alliance for revenge, and might all in on us in war or conquest just a a tournament reward . Also the trophy scaling were terrible new account got like 120~200 trophy for base slightly higher lv troop and top account where only forge number is still matter got 500~1000 trophy in auto search . While in mid to low top the medal got scale to like 34, like what ? last war our alliance met a drop trophy alliance and they all show 34 even when they equip full boosted snake, firebolt, orge, wolf, phoeboe to our true lowest member it still show 34. I believed in this same forum when some member fighting one were spill something like even if he  used full farm perk  to 2 digit number of food he still get good medal count , dungeon cant cheese this you know, its not ideal but it somewhat more relevant, flare. And dungeon it self is not easy its the familiar with the base that helped, if you can cheese high trophy dungeon then farm top account base would be more efficiency .

I agree with you guys. If Flare shut’s down this option to replay the dungeon maps that will benefit only strong players and alliances.

And “weaker” players will have just more problems and one more reason to quit this game.

the problem will not be solved with closing dungeon after finish the dugeon stage …

that one that can’t finish her stage can go in dungeon again and again

… now all know the exploit

Interesting to see I am not alone to think this idea was far far far behind the best of them all. Version 4.5.0 its the worst version I have seen over 5 years.I still don’t get it why Flare still listen the minority and apply a feature no one have ask. To be honest its very shocking to see we ask feature since over 5 years and everytime its just a feature that no one have ask who are added into the game. Who have demand to close the dungeon? I don’t remember anyone who have ask a kind of demand. So where that come from?

Secondly why punish player. You know what this situation remember me. That remember the mistake developer of Olympus Rising have do when after 2 years they pretending they have fix a bugs in the forge and ruin the forge. On the forum the complain was over 20 pages with over 140 posts maybe more. Why have wait 2 years to fix something that was not broken. Just a bad excuse to nerf the forge. Today they have backtrack and listen and the forge is better than never. 

Here its like they have wait 5 years. 5 long years and decide one day to close it. I will be honest. They know it since 5 years players farming in dungeon. Why wait 5 years? Non sense to me. its like if tomorrow they decide to remove from the game Free chest or the free 1 gem in grey house.

I know what they did was not to punish players voluntary but I think they just don’t have take time to think about the consequence of this action. I hope they will listen us like OR team have listen us and do a backtrack and reopen the dungeon. Its a part of the game since 5 years. Non sense to remove it today


What is lost amid all of this is that closing the dungeons also removed the scripts/cheats/bots that players were using to farm medals using automation.