Replays of attacks in our castles

I propose the idea of being able to watch replays of the attacks other players launch on our castles so we can find out about our strengths and weaknesses and therefore improve our strategies. I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this so I’d like to know some other opinions.

What do you think?

I think it’s a great idea - right now the “test your defense” is very helpful in this regard and is great to use as a “lab” environment for testing out strategies, etc, but seeing what others do has obvious benefits.


As I understand it, though, Flare hasn’t introduced this functionality (yet) because of capacity/load issues on its servers and/or because of what it takes render so much video playback given the game engine.  I know Jona and Pete (with Flare) have spoken on this in the past and I’m sure someone will chime in here.  

Admitting that I have no clue about what Flare has considered or not, there is another way to store an attack other than as a video file. Just create a macro containing the attacker gestures and the base configuration at the time of the attack and re-play it on the client machine. It shouldn’t be larger than several KB in the worst case scenario and not particularly hard to implement. A bit more data back and forth, but could be enabled at user’s request.

not a fan. I like the time. while im waiting for farms to replenish to change up my path and defensive structures and troops to see what will work.

That is great idea. I seen some game like cloud raider have it aredy.

I also thought of it, it’s a great idea as the Moderator said. But of course, the replay videos would consume a lot of space on your disk. If this idea progress and implemented, replay video deletion must be included.

Up date chat and gui.

People have suggested this many times and we always have to tell them that such a feature would make the game unplayable on all but the newest devices. We are currently considering adding this question to the FAQ to clear up the confusion. While the feature itself would be cool, it is simply not feasible from a technical standpoint right now.

I more modest suggestion that would not be problematic even on low end hardware:


Give us an offensive attack history that is just like our defensive attack history.  I would love to see the last 20 or so people I attacked, and the result of each.


Another nice bit of information is:  For each time we defend, I would love to see how many medals my opponent gained.  I would be very interested to see how many medals my base is worth to other players.

I always wanted to know whom I attacked and how I performed. So our attack history is a good option.


I also like the info about what was my worth for other player to attack me. That also includes the gold/medals/trophy they saw and were interested to attack me.

well, im fine with attack history cause i dont think i have the time to see how people did against me if im serious for winning leagues.

this isn’t pro ball its for fun and entertainment there are plenty of “serious” games out there don’t change the fun of the game. just figure out how to get rid of the cheats hacks and the peeps that don’t make it fun ir you catch my drift.

This is what games like Clash of Clans do. But they are much, much simpler – they only have to record a few taps where the troops are deployed, and then the simulation runs. It’s a very small amount of data. Doing perfect replays in this game would require recording a constant stream of touch data, for 2.5 minutes. It could easily reach 50KB or more. That may not sound like much, but multiply it by even just ten thousand battles per day and it would be half a terabyte of data. It would literally crush their server.

That said, I’m pretty sure they do log some basic information from each battle to identify hacking. Even a really watered-down summary of a battle that just shows how many troops of each type were deployed, and the location on the map where spells were cast, would be really useful. That would be a really small and manageable amount of data to send back and forth.

50KB time ten thousand doesn’t make half a TB, just a measly half of a GB that wouldn’t even crush my smartwatch :grinning:

And it doesnt have to be all the batlles, just the last one maybe?

The idea of a summary of which units and how much units your opponent used is appealing too.

i play another game and replay cost only 20kb data on 3g. (maybe the dev don’t know how do it!!!)

I want to see the Level of units and spells (+ if enemy use shout or not) from enemy to check what can I do better. A video is not important in my opinion, because everyone should make think tactical attacks at his base with rhe facts, which are shown at this time.

I agree this would be really meaningful. If download volume is too big than just download on demand. I would most probably not watch more than 10% of the battles.

yeah, it would be boring and a waste of time considering that you can play in that time.

Maybe Med is talking about COC from Supercell. It has this replay functionality.

I have to admit, RR2 will be a lot interesting if replay was implemented.