I’m sure this has been suggested before, as it would be a very nice feature.


I would like to be able to see replays of attacks against me, so i can learn from that and possibly adjust towers to that.


As i’m aware this take server space, you could just delete them every 3 days, giving plenty of time to see them if the player is active.

Flaregames put that in Dawn of Steel, in Cloud Raiders we have too video playback and maybe in any others Windows,Android game

the question is Why Flaregames can put this feature in Dawn of Steel and cannot do that in Royal Revolt 2? 

maybe in the next update of the game. We must wait 2.2.0

Would be useful indeed. But guess we should wait a bit to see this new feature. 

step by step guys :slight_smile:

Hell Yes!

Yes - just do it.



if we get replay video that would be great

i think flare should put replays in Royal Revolt 2 it would help alot and players would want that to help them with their defence.

I would already be happy to see how much time a player had left when he raided succesful. when I know he had 30+ seconds left, I know my base needs a drastic improvement to stop him. but if it’s just decided on a matter of a fraction of a few seconds, one single upgrade can make the difference and even replacement of a few towers or troops could do just fine.

For helping you improve your base, you should be in an alliance with members that help you to improve. My team does it all the time.

When is the new update on the cards (with the war improvements)?

I don’t expect if before upcoming season. Tomorrow is a Christian celebration day (Ascension Day), so flare employees will not be working. Most will take a day off on friday and since war season will start, expect it to be earliest after this war season. Maybe I am even optimistic with this assumption.

I rather wait for a few weeks and give them time to test the changes very well. I don’t want more flaws and abuse of war seasons appear due to not testing enough.


Probably because in royal revolt, your attacks are effectively “offline”. Before the battle, it downloads all the necessary information about the waves, the path, the towers, etc. and then from there on until you reach the chamber at the end, all the computation for the battle is done directly on your phone. You could lose internet connection half way through a battle and it wouldn’t matter so long as it was restored before you started opening chests in the chamber.

In order to allow playbacks, at worst your phone might have to record and upload a video (time consuming). At best, they may be able to just record your own interactions (where and when on the path you’ve tapped, the towers you’ve tapped and the buttons you’ve tapped) but then recreating the play from just using input data could result in a very different outcome if they were to release an update that caused the game to change in a very small way.

I believe the entire game from start to finish is online. Half way through if you loose your internet connection, you end up losing the food, the trophies - in short you end up losing the raid.


Maybe it is different on different devices - but on the windows platform this is not correct. During battle I can pause and turn off internet connection on phone and continue with the battle, I can change to different internet providers during the battle. If I close the app before the gate, the battle is not recorded at all.

This is interesting info, if that’s true players can manipulate the system. Medals I think aren’t rewarded at all.

In the past I had loss of connections several times and when it happened we lost both bread and trophies as I remember well due to connection loss. It didn’t matter if you took down the gate, when connection was lost too bad. Flare improved it somewhat and made sure that you didn’t lose your trophies plus bread due to connection loss. Flare build in the message of bad connection and we on Windows platform could do the following. Reset the connection (so that it went down plus reconnected again), return to the game and suddenly the game continued towards CoF. When you were to slow and did not reconnect the wifi fast enough, you only didn’t get to CoF.

I never tried to go offline during a raid and reconnect afterwards. This can be especially become interesting during war season, since a war raid only counts when you scored a least 1%. Start the raid, close your internet connection (on Windows) and only turn the connection back on again when you make a 100% raid. Otherwhise close the game.

Did I interpret this correct OilFire?

If so, then you found another way of cheating during war seasons.

I’m on Android (Bluestacks) and there the raid is offline. When it is over, the raid % / trophy / gold / XP screen doesn’t appear, if the internet connection was lost during the attack. Now don’t panic :grinning:


I must admit that I did not test this to the extent you describe - or tried to used this info to cheat. I can not confirm that cheating is possible. I will rather say that in our country the internet is very unstable and I had to do some tricks to be able to finish some wars. I have also noticed in the last war that I did not loose anything when the battle was stopped midway. I will investigate the possible cheat aspect of this situation 

I tested the connection issues in android and iOS. It did not work.


Strange… On my Android I often drop internet signal half way through a raid and then I get a waiting screen when I reach the chamber at the end and I have to quickly try and restore signal before it allows me to open chests

So is it good or bad?