Request for 2 additional features in Game Options

When new players join an alliance, it would help alliance managers to know if the player understands their common language of communication. Often, (ignoring the alliance language flag) players jump into an alliance after scanning their Gold bonus & then squat in for Blessings, but cannot read the chat messages. This becomes a challenge for both the alliance managers & the players during war. 

Can a simple feature of “Language” be inserted into the player’s Option screen, so they select their language for the receiving alliance to know (and deal accordingly)? 

A “Time Zone” feature could also help alliance managers geolocate their global membership, and schedule war attacks suitably. As suggested by @DiN40, perhaps the Time Zone could be automatically captured while installing the game. 

Thanks. ☺️

Nice idea and should be in the game.

@CaptainMorgan I think you said to bring a feature that will allow alliances to check players easily that are not part of any alliance and then invite them.


Maybe this could be automatic, there are some fraudulent players.

Indeed, @DiN40. I have edited the post accordingly. Many thanks for this valuable idea. ☺️