Request for Separate Storage for Unequipped Gear

Hello FG,

We experience 2 challenges when multiple new gear items arrive:

  • We don’t know if there are enough free slots available to receive all the gear. (if you’ve enabled it, well, I can’t see it with deuteranopia). 
  • We would like to avoid the tedium of opening multiple Inventories to check which hero has received new gear. 

Would it be possible to create a separate storage space for receiving & storing new gear, with vacant slots clearly visible. This “Armory” will be common to all heroes, as opposed to the “Inventory” which is hero-specific. Here, we should be able to compare each stored gear with its corresponding equipped gear, so we can decide whether to replace the current, equipped gear with the new, better one. A crude illustration of the concept is given below for your ready understanding: 

Upon opening the Armory, the first gear is always selected, and its comparison details are displayed on the left panel. As we select other gear, that item’s details are shown in the left panel. The selected gear has a highlight around it. Also, the vacant gear slots are clearly visible. 

This way, the hero’s Inventory is clutter-free with only a maximum of 21 or 24 items (assuming all 3 gear-sets are equipped with different gear), all equipped ones. 

Besides comparing, equipping & selling, perhaps, even Forging can be enabled in this Armory. 

Thanks. ☺️