Request: Guide for Mid-Level Players

I’ve been playing for about two or three months now, and I’ve found guides for newbies which explain the game basics, and guides for advanced players (the youtube videos in particular are terrible about this: the person will say “This is an easy dungeon level” and I will think, “Of course it’s easy, you have all the top level spells unavailable to us mere mortals!”). There is a real need to create guides for us middle level players, who are often caught between a rock and a hard place. We get very little except gold for attacking weaker castles and don’t have the necessary firepower or spells to take on opponents a level or two above us. If anyone would like to create one, say for level 40-80 players, I think it would be very well received.


Just sayin’…

Guides don’t really help after a level. The best is to try it yourself or join an alliance that can help you. 


One such alliance is Genie and Master and Genie and Master. 


The elders guide you through. If you still need a guided path see the Wiki by oPelle.

your very correct in your observation that most of the chatter here is for and by very advanced players.


i had the same issue when I started playing and looking for help here as I started playing 6 months after launch and have taken several extended breaks from the game and therefore am not always playing at a top level.

sometimes I don’t even have a clue what there talking about.


but the ans to most of your hurdles are mostly here at the forum. you just have to do some time traveling…

Try the search feature here…

or PM a forum member with your question if u really stuck. most are happy to help


for me, i like to read posts here that are about 2 months old. then, I’m reading stuff more relitive to my current level.

sounds like you going to have to dig a little deeper than I do, but its all here somewhere.

I have no guide, but can tell you about my experience:


For about 50 levels (i’m 81) i have a strong combination, which was always

valid. I could often successfully raid kings 10 levels above me (depending on

their defense, of course). Be sure to start concentrating on upgrading only

this one combination, otherwise you will get too weak over time.

Use offense boost event to become stronger very fast, save war chests

and items for costly upgrades, don’t waste time (no idling!): highest priority

are spells, then units (exception: waves, fill them in whenever you can).


The combination is: shield, sonic blast (use firestorm before that) swordrain,

mummy, froster, cannon. Experiment with your raiding style: it can make a

huge difference, if you use your starting moral for 2 frosters / 1 cannon or

1 froster / 2 cannons. If you have a long way to the first tower or obstacle:

only use frosters in the beginning. The same applies for a heavy paladin base.

Only use mummies in the end, maybe combined with rushing ahead and spawn

them right before the next wave of troops (normally a group of paladins in your

range …). Your king is the tank in the beginning, before you start spawning

mummies. E.g. just stand still in front of your frosters and no paladin group will

harm you  :grinning:
but not needed …


Now (~3300 trophies) i start seeing boosted bases, which makes it more difficult.

And: in this range it is the norm, that i face kings ~ ten levels above me. This

is a problem, because they had much more time to upgrade their towers und

i may run out of time, because i can’t destroy them fast enough.

I’m about to get the last level of sonic blast soon (waiting for the spell package),

that may change the tower problem. Then the long journey for maxing blizzard



Btw. don’t rush the dungeons. If you can’t win: come back later after leveling up

or when you have boosts. Use arblasters instead of mummies for the ogre

dungeons. If you REALLY want a specific monster upgrade, invest some gems …


Good luck  :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the responses, especially for that very detailed one Mogor. I tried what you suggested and while it works well on castles a throne room level below me, at my level and above I wind up getting to the castle gate and running out of time. Usually this is because a clump of frosters generated after the attack has started are stuck on the path zapping enemy defense troops over and over again. How do I deal with this and how can I speed up the attack so I can take out the castle gate as well as everything else? Thank you for the help!

For speeding up you should use “Scream” as often as you can.


You have a long straight? Scream at the beginning and run forward. Clear troops on the way with spells and (new) mummies,

     so that your troops don’t stop (don’t use mummies too early, because they are slow).

You have a lot of towers standing together? Scream to let your troops attack faster.

Your troops are clumped together at the entrance to the castle area and don’t attack? Scream to guide them to the front (save

     the last scream for that!).

Your first troops at the beginning go forward and “suicide”? Hold them back at the tent with scream and accumulate more.

Your troops are killed from an unreachable tower? Scream and let your troops pass this area fast enough so that they don’t die.


Other possible problems:


Your spells and troops have not a high enough level, because you only recently started using them: this will solve over time

     (assuming you upgrade them now). One thing though is essential, and the strategy will not work without it: Your swordrain

     has to be of a high enough level, so that you instantly kill the “smaller” ranged troops (archer, froster, pyromancer, arblaster)

     and leave the others (cannons, mortars) with such a low health, that your frosters can finish them easily. Btw. you can one

     shot ogres with swordrain :grinning:

You use too much frosters in the beginning: normally you would only use cannons, because these determine the overall speed.

     But as you can’t defend them with your king alone, you need some frosters (not too much, experiment with this). More

     cannons at the beginnig = faster overall time. Exception: Heavy use of defending paladins. And don’t forget to immediately

     shield your starting units, right before the first enemiy troops arrive.

     You may not believe this: the use of the starting moral has a huge impact on the outcome: e.g. i once had no chance starting

     with one cannon and two frosters, but “easily” won with two cannons and one froster.

Chokepoints / parrallel lanes: Accumulate a bunch of cannons and frosters (let’s say ~5 each) and guide them through the path

     with your king. After that, get more frosters and an occasional cannon to hold the enemy troops off your back. If you are not

     too far away, go back and kill the enemies on the parallel lane with swordrain (shield your troops, too!), then join your front

     troops again.


It may need some time, if your problems relate to a too low level of spells and troops, otherwise this strategy should help you

beating kings of up to 10 levels above you. Choose your targets wisely: the best layout for this attacking combination is one

without or only a few chokepoints and parallel lanes. You should switch to sonic blast (at least level 3) as a priority, and don’t

hesitate to use it against troops: it may feel “wasted”, if there are no towers in range, but it will protect your troops and speed

them up, because they don’t stop for fighting.