REQUEST Monthly Event schedule desperately needed

Monthly Event schedule are desperately needed to allow your players to actually participate in said events. This offensive effect is a prime example. Most spells and troops are several days long and will pass by a lot of players just because they were already upgrading something or started a new upgrade today or the day before. This is not a new issue and has been going on ever since the special events started. I understand you guys (flare games) like these short unannounced (1 day ahead of an event is not enough) events because it forces players to gem to speed things up and participate in the events, but players satisfaction with the game will lead you to more players and better reviews of the game which in turn once again gives you more players and better rankings in the app stores etc.  Overall it will be a win win situation for everyone involved I believe. If you cannot or will not do a monthly schedule at least give us 7 days notice when events will be and or longer event durations so players in the process of upgrading things can take part in the events.






I agree to that come on flare its time to make a change

Everything takes soooo very long to upgrade now the majority of players already have upgrades in action and cannot enjoy this event same as so many other recent promotions.To be fair you really should at least switch all upgrades already in progress to 2 days as well.This is seriously wrong as we have said on previous occasions!

I would be surprise if FG does something to improve the game rather than to make money… 

I wont be participating in this event because my shortest upgrade is 5 days or 1780 gems.

even though I like tapjoy … Getting gems aren’t easy … Hope FG will help us !!


I know this has been before on different areas, especially facebook groups and is nothing new but consolidating the feedback on their official forums is the best way to get actions taken. So tell everyone to come to here and support the thread if they want change.

We need to be prepared for event so the events should be scheduled so it would be fair for us :slight_smile:

Thanks Alot …

And i just started my shield and archer upgrade yesterday… thinking that this kind of even won’t happen within a month apart… guess i was wrong… already missed the defense event and now this? i gotta wait for 10 days instead of 2 days for upgrading them 12 hours early.

+1 for players recommending for even schedule, otherwise somehow(?) shorten our current upgrades?..



had been playing from early rr1 and rr2 but never get to enjoy these events…

There is already a sort of calendar now there with the chests. I think you hit the bullseye with this one Jason. Very good suggestion. This way you can plan ahead as a player. If I notice that within 10 days a boost event starts, I can plan ahead and go for smaller upgrades to be able to profit from this event.

And events that I am not waiting for, I can use to do other important things and keep my focus on that. It even makes it possible to collect the gold before the event starts and use a gold shield to keep it safe.

For me a big plus

Here’s my suggestion!! Just as we could see what will be the rewards, condition of the next war season as soon as the current war season ends why not do the same to events? You can announce the event as soon as the current event ends. Windows users doesn’t even get a ingame notification so most of my member doesn’t event know if a event passed them. Or maybe you could just input the event name in the War Condition page with some added info. Or maybe in some other way there is so much possibilities. Most of the players are giving such bright ideas why don’t flare doesn’t use them ?

  • 1, also every upgrade in progress that fits the bill should be maxed at 2 days! That way everyone could profit from the event…

these events are coming all of a sudden while most of players are not ready for them:

not being able to participate in these events makes players very angry and frustrated which is really not in the best interest for flare,

flare must understand that a Happy customer is a Loyal customer, 

Flare is pushing us away from the game instead of bringing us closer

a monthly schedule is desperately needed so we will plan our upgrades and strategy ,

if monthly schedule is hard to do, cause Flare wants to make things exciting, then at least they must rush the current upgrades once the event starts ,

 they can offer to finish all current upgrades with min amount of gems so we will be able to participate in the event.

there are many solutions to this problem in case flare cares about the satisfaction of their players, 

i hope they can listen and act according to our desires, at the end, we are the ones who are addictively playing this great game for two years now and we are the one who is paying and we want our money’s worth of real satisfaction 

i hope Flare will listen to us , they usually has the habit of acting accordingly 


Totally agree. Would be the best solution for this kind of problem. Hope Flare understands what we’re saying. 



Always had this in my mind. Thanks for opening a thread for this.


+1 :slight_smile: