Request of this month

I have summarized the request to be able to enjoy the game more.
I will submit new ones once a month.

・Requests that the buyer of the Alliance Subscription use the donation token to make an additional donation +3 times.
・Open a vanity slot for one month or incorporate four vanity slot tokens into a one-month daily gem.
How about selling it for 400 yen.
・It sells large-capacity packs of inventory expansion, appointments of alliance towers, and discount offers for opening slots at blacksmiths.
・Request to sell 1000 Runes every other week.
・Please respond a little to those with roots and cultures from other countries.Please make that costume and sell it.
・I think we need to shift the Conquest donation to alliance members.
For example, how about a token like this for a festival?

  • Half-price token of conquest donation gem (stone, wisdom, unit)
  • The donation unit’s half price token gem
    Token that halves these
    Make it easier for members to offer to share the burden.

This month’s request.
・ Sales of Guardian skin following units, towers and pal
・ Holding a skin contest. (And implementation of the second and third place skin proposals last time)
・ Review of Conquest mode rewards (runes and voucher chests added to rewards)
・ Blacksmith subscription, commercialize tokens with the same effect as Blacksmith Festival so that it is easy to earn pearls
・ Personalized offers and daily pearls are added to the product lineup for those who cannot play games that much on weekdays.

・ Because it takes a lot of time to collect high-priced items, the effects of New Rune and Unique Rune LV6 should be disclosed. Users must definitely have a common tester.

・ The possibility of opening the third and fourth rune slots is more widespread.


・ Recommended ranking and benefits such as titles, benefits and preferential treatments in the following month according to the total amount charged in that month.

0 yen charged
Nothing in particular

Total charge 1-500 yen

  • Various tokens
  • Bronze crown skin
  • Special rune LV1 3 pieces for the charger
  • SP background that can be used only for that month

Total charge 500 yen-5000 yen

  • Various tokens
  • Special Unique Rune LV2 4 pieces for payers
  • Title of Silver Member Special silver crown and tiara skin
  • SP background for each season that can be used only for that month

5000 yen to 9999 yen

  • Various tokens
  • Special rune for runners Unique rune LV3 3 pieces
  • Gold Member Title Special gold crown and tiara skin
  • SP background for each season that can be used only for that month

Total charge 10,000 yen-19990 yen

  • Various tokens
  • Special unique rune LV4 2 pieces for the payer
  • Platinum member title Special platinum crown and tiara skin
  • Unique rune LV4 1 piece
  • SP background that can be used only for that month

Total charge of 20,000 yen or more

  • Various tokens
  • Special unique rune LV5LV1 piece special for payers
  • Unique rune LV5 1 piece
  • Diamond member title Special diamond crown and tiara skin
  • SP background that can be used only for that month

Anyone can be encouraged if there is a proof of “everytime award” that he has been going to every day and playing for a month.

  • Gift chests such as tokens, runes and small amounts of gems
  • Heart crown and tiara skin in honor of the Employee Award
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