Request rune recycling

I want the runes to be attached and removed freely.
So we can save valuable runes all the time.
If a user sells an item, automatically return to the rune inventory to avoid losing valuable runes.

If the hero’s magic, units, items, towers, and obstacles have variable ability values
For users, runes want to be a lasting treasure.

I totally agree with this!!

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Thank you for agreeing my opinion.

I have kids who downloaded this game.
Although they sometimes play this game
Without a doubt, they don’t know the value or usage of runes.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue:
Unique runes are very expensive to collect up to LV6. It takes a long time.
This is irreversible once you make an unexpected mistake.

And the value of equipment can change, especially when new products are released.
Runes are irreversible.
Unrecoverable big mistakes and feeling of defeat will cause users to give up the game.
Besides, if make it a permanent rune like this, users can always wear it while continuing to strengthen the rune as if it were Forge with Pearl.
In other words, users can collect runes while feeling the heroes that are getting stronger. This contributes to the sales motivation of the runes.

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i vote for a recycling too
… we spent many gems and time to bring runes to a max level
… but when you apply it when you grow, your item set is mostly not max
… then you have to collect runes again… not nice.

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How about a compromise, where you pay 50 gems to remove a rune from an item. That way Flare makes money from gems and players don’t have to lose a valuable rune.

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If I forget that I have runes and sell items, I will lose runes. I think it’s better to use gems or pearls when removing them for free and installing new runes.:wink:

The total loss of runes is very bad.
I suggest if I exchange the rune then I recover it at a lower level, e.g.
from level 6, I recover level 5 rune,
next from level 5, I recover level 4 rune …

Thank you for the ideas, but there are no such plans at the moment.

Most people are just saving lots of runes because Flare make it so confusing what will change and when (what happened about the announcements?!, a 6th skull perk slot is a much bigger change than making Goruc a bit less bad).

Answer is simple, charge gems on a sliding basis to detach a rune, then people can finally start using them and not worry about everything going in the bin, such as our speed/skull 100,000+ pearl capes.

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