Requesting options on fleet duration

U would love to see more options on timer when you active a fleet. 8 hours is a little short to turn on before you go to bed.

I would love to see 8, 10 and 15 hour options for activating fleets. 

And just a few seconds after I wrote this I logged in and noticed the fleets now are for 12 hours . Awesome :slight_smile:  

Well you removed the only feature that I could use to keep trophies. Put all islands on defense fleet. Great job!!! Hey I know where there is a lot trophies that you can get and he would have to attack you 30 to 40 times to get them back. jttn, come and get them.

Nope you are wrong

Activating a fleet only secures the island from being captured. It has nothing at all to do with trophies. 

Macamus, thank you for your fast response and setting me straight. I think flare as an opening and I say you get the job sense I’m a big spender. Yes, I looked it up and your correct, again thx you and I’m not joking about you heading the forum chat.

Sorry I don’t understand.

I just made it clear that by activating a fleet you cant prevent anyone from stealing you trophies. If that was the case it would be fairly easy to secure a high trophy count.