required gold

hello everyone

my king level is 81 and trophies are about 2700

Here my problem is when iam searching for gold players for 20 to 30 times also server is not at all showing me those gold players.server always showing me players with 20k to 100k ???


Does any one facing this problem???

I get that also, look for players a few hundred or more higher trophies than you to get more gold. I’m 3600 and I look for players not in alliance that are 4000 to 4500 to get gold and medal. Not in alliance because I don’t want to fight someone that much higher with boosts. Look for crappy towers like bomb and gargoyle towers. If those are not boosted they are very weak and easier to beat.

Well you see those numbers because you are too strong for your Trophy range, you have to get to higher Trophy ranges to get the desired loot.

I gonna show you some of my video and explain to you after :

its not my best video I show you but give you a little idea how to get high gold

1.If in matchmaker you find someone who give very high gold keep it in your favorite list. Good chance this players make the mistake of refill his gold every 1 hour because he don’t use it or don’t care to be attacked 30 times and lose each time 500k,600k or 800k

2.During War its the best moment to find new target. its during this time I found my new target. You can find easily players who have 800k or more and have a weak base

3.During Ninja Event its the best moment to find target. I find new players in my favorite list who give me 800k each time I need it. I call them ‘‘Bank Player’’ who always refill gold each 30 minutes or each hour at 500k,700k or 800k

4.Never try to find new target during a event like Boost your defense or boost your offense, the majority don’t have gold because they use their gold to do upgrade to profite of the event

5.Depending of the moment of the day. Sometime I can found 2 or 3 player in a row with 700k or more in matchmaker during morning, sometime its in afternoon and sometimes in the evening. You must check at which moment its favorable to you depending of your Country Time

6.During league you can find new target

for more info you cna watch my video on my channel : Warriornator Gaming maybe you can find some tricks or others stuff that can help you

I agree with Warriornator.

I will add one very important one - when you get gold gear, use it (and sacrifice the other perks). I currently have 170% gold gear. A  700k base gives 2.2 mil gold. To collect 15mil gold is 8-12 fights for me (depending on events). My biggest problem is what to do with all the gold? 

Last note : If you get your gold gear above 100% you are no longer a taker but a giver as you generate more gold than what you have taken. When kings take revenge on me, they usually  retake more than what they lost. win-win situation.


Lol you yourself are a good gold target. No offense. You are not on my fav. list.

I agree. These tips are useful. :slight_smile:


Not really when I raid is only when I have a worker free and i calculate my thing each time. By example if i need to do a tower of 4.5 millions then I reach 4.5 Millions and stop raiding. If I have to do a Castle Gate at 10 Millions I don’t get 12,13 or 14 Millions no I reach 10 Millions and I stop that it. You never see me have gold. If I have 12 fight I try to calculate my stuff to reach the gold I need. Each upgrade its planifing in advance

by example I want to do the last upgrade of my Froster of 13 Millions. I know I have with my farmer more fight at cost of 168. With my farm I have 1200+780 = like 2000 food I know i can do like 14 fight or around, I try to find target with 700k or more until I reach something like 11 millions or 12 and after I attack little target of 100k or 200k,etc…

Upgrade and Raiding its all about planification. if you are attacked non stop maybe there is a problem