REROLL option for unique / rare items


Just wanted to raise the possibility and introduction of a REROLL system for Unique / Rare items, very much in the same vein as the one adopted in the odyssey.

It may be duplicate specific only or just reselecting an item that someone is looking to load on their war hero.

Rare items prove hard enough to come by, but unlocking RARE means not having to sell it. A duplicate item offers you no other option deeming it useless and worthless

You devs can determine the value, whether it be via gold resources, or more likely in your case gems (haha)

I don’t know what kind of success the new dedicated hero Titan chest has proved at 750 gems. Just to provide feedback, I have purchased two in hope of gaining a Titan chest for my hero … but I can tell you, I won’t be doing that again as it doesn’t represent value for money whatsoever, and the items in this ‘SO CALLED’ Titan chest were weaker than the ones I already had … which again makes no sense when forming out 750 gems …(Very disappointing)

i think if you insist or intend on keeping it 350/400 max is where it needs to be offered at. Just my opinion.



Im fine with how it is currently setup. If a reroll system was added for rares then I would vote for it to cost gems. Also, I’m against making titan chests cheaper.

That’s all good and well having that opinion, but I’m just curious as to how many chests you have purchased @ 750 gems?

i made my suggestion based on my personal experiences paying twice for a chest, that to me wasn’t worth it, irrespective of what the Titan item is. If a godlike chest is 150 then how do you justify the extra 600 gems to gain a Titan item. The remainder of the items weren’t any stronger than what I already had, which is what I would expect from all 11 items being in a Titan 

Zero chests. On one hand, a single titan chest isn’t worth the 750 gems to me. On the other hand, I don’t want it to become easier to achieve better items… which would lean the game further towards P2W.

Was it “not worth it” before you bought the chests or after you saw the contents? 

I guess you are paying for the specific chest here. A somewhat reliable way of banking 3-5 Perseus chests, combined with a few sacrificial ones and war/odyssey ones results in a rather high chances of getting mirror shield for instance. And I flashed quite some gems on that thing, you need around 18 chests to get a unique (Can be + or - ofc)