Research - seriously?

What is the point in:

1 - Starting with a single option everyone has to research? It’s wasted resources, might as well reduce movement costs by 30% as game default.

2 - Having “reduce cooldown of hero movement by x%”, when cooldown is only seconds/minutes long?

3 - As it is, we can only research 3 to 5 techs total, depending on commitment of players donations. Tech 3 will only start researching on day 3 probably. Great job on allowing us different research-based strategies.

4 - Anyone that dumps money into the game can research bottom line and auto-win with attack perks.


gj overall


I think they going mad


Well, after just 2 research we have now 0 wisdom …

Research costs still about 3x what they should cost. It is a joke to only be able to get 3-4 done unless massive gem investment.

Now, after two days, after only four researches, and now collect wisdom.

So we see, that in all conquest we research max 6-7 items … I don’t know what say anymore…

We are still at 2 research…

We only can complete 2 … whats the point?

Can we please finally and completely get rid of the Heroes Cooldown research skill as well? There’s lots of other things that could be on there instead. I’d rather get a 5% bonus to something like energy costs or tower cooldowns than that dumb Heroes Cooldown.

My humble opinion:

1- Heroe Cooldown is indeed a useless tech now, paying around 16k wisdom for it feels like a rip-off

2- Having just one tech as starting point is strange too

3- Wisdom costs are still way too high, we’ve been pointing this out for several conquests already and still it doesn’t get changed, and you’re doing something wrong by ignoring it. I still think the tech tress are totally wasted due to this, you can make creative tech trees if you want, but it doesn’t matter if teams end up researching only 5 technologies. In my team we have level 7 university and there were a couple of technologies costing half of our total capacity…


I wish my alliance havent touch this season research before we knew the other side teams, such a waste of resources, what is the point of moving and buiding faster if only route is blocked by someone our member can only do 10-50 skull and tower shadow in water give zero point

We will finish with only 5 research skills complete. We had library giving us wisdom after 22 hours. Costs way too high.

I do like how each one is 6 hours. That was a good change, imo. It forces real choices (as long as you remove Heroes Cooldown).

I  agree tech research has so much potential making a difference in the game depending on strategy taken.  However, the cost is so high and the choices are limited that it really does not impact the game too much.    The tech options are nothing like the tree symbol used to represent it.  If you want to keep it a tree with a single trunk then the cost to climb to the lower limbs should be easier ( less costly).    It is not until you get toward the top of the tree that you need some spurs and safety ropes 


Research costs are much improved. Seems about right. Libraries help, donations help. If a team wants to spend gems, it helps too.

(Now just need to replace Heroes Cooldown with something else, imo.)

It’s good to hear that, I will let the team know :grinning:


65-75 k per research?

good joke

At tier 4, each research costs 7-15k. Some cost 26-30k but can be avoided if you want. Level 6 HQ/University holds 80k. Seems about right to me. Even level 5HQ/University holds 60k, which seems fine. Libraries and donations help.

I think it depends on the tier also, the wisdom needed per research.

In our tier (number 2), we also ran out of resources. Of course we don’t have alliance stronghold max, (we have just level  7, storing 100k),  but alliance resource building is only good for having more/higher resource total at start.  Of course none of us have max personal alchemist tower, but even if we had, we still would definitely run out of wisdom.

For us also wisdom are spend at such huge amounts, it’s nearly impossible to refill the alliance stock, even if we would have max personal alchemist tower. When more than 40% can be spend by a single research, it’s just too steep.

As soon as conquest starts, wisdom is spend with giant portions. Players can then do first donation and need to wait till next day. We can do 3-4 researches and then it’s over. Then we need to wait more than a day to refill the university to have enough wisdom to start next research. 

After many have done their daily donation, the alliance university is not even close to being full again, it’s not even filled halfway. When that’s the situation, I think either the amount of wisdom needed to research is way too high or personal donations possible by members is too low. 

We are working on 8th research and will have enough for 9th when 8 is finished. We have two libraries so that has helped. Probably not enough time or wisdom to do more than 10 or 11 though. Does it cost more than 1/6th of a level 7 University to do a tech skill at tier 2?

I’m in tier 2 as well, with a lvl10 University (180k max). We still didn’t run out of wisdom (we delayed a few upgrades though), but we will run out today, by the end of the 3rd day.

Right now, for us, at tier 2, troops and stone are more limiting than wisdom. Our alliance average is about lvl5-6 Conquest buildings.


If we were in the top tier we would have ran out of wisdom/troops/stone by the 2nd day. The top tier is a very expensive endeavour.


It costs around 20-51% of the total wisdom, maxed research, but most of them 25% or higher.