Research strategy

Given the new update that changes how much research you can expect to get done during the Conquest, what will people be looking to improve the most?

Tower costs and speed of build?

Hero travel or battle boosts?

Offense or defense boosts?

What have you tried to do in the past? Let’s assume you haven’t just bought your way through the whole thing.

Well in the past we could only research like 5 things maximum and they were the first cheapest ones ^^.

I think hero travel looks good, and offense too.

But lets check out the changes and see which strategy is the best for the differents kinds of situations.

It kind of depends.

If you are able to get some nice deals in place and you’ll have peace for the whole Conquest, it would probably be best to invest in tower costs + built speed.

If you have to fight a lot, energy + defensive + offensive techs would be advisable.

Movement techs are always useful no matter what.


In the end, since the wisdom costs are so high, for the vast majority of alliances (99,9%) it won’t matter too much. You’ll just end up researching 5 or 6 techs only. You needed some serious gem invesment to go further than that.

Lets see how the new system goes. It looks like things might change a bit.