Research tree

Hello dear Rr2 community, 

I would like to say that conquest is really better now’ with the new features added by flare. 

I have a question for the community, what do you think about research tree ? 

In my opinion the last researches are not reachable , unless you spend hundreds of gems, so what’s the point ?

maybe Flare can work on it and limit the number of researches, 


thank you 


The last ones are impossible too get unless you use gems.

I don’t know why it s like that, but in reality you just need a few ones and it’s already enough. We always managed to do well even when not reaching half way of the research tree.

I too think that the Conquest has become a really fun new game mode and, about the researches, in my opinion, more energy and more battles are the most important tech upgrades you can get. I agree with Alumbri, you don’t really need to get those last few researches

I think the tech tree for this CQ was very well done, at least for teams on our level.  The +1 Def and +1 Attack troop techs were deep enough in the tree that they were hard to get without a library, but obtainable with one (making library more valuable than usual), and the tree had 2 branches so you had to focus on building or energy reduction (at least to start).

I too liked this rounds’ tree.  Instead of a mishmash of techs, there were basically the two that allowed us to choose to get stronger down one path or the other.  I agree with everything E42 said!  Good job this time, Flare!




but i think top- CQ researches are bad idea

Appreciate the feedback guys, thanks!

There should be only 2 paths with no interconnection.

So for example if you research energy regeneration and +50% more energy you cannot research in any way +2 battles or +1attack otherwise alliance become too powerful.

I really think the research tree should be like like in a RPG when you up a perso : we have offense,defense and support

So in this Conquest I know I have read many like it like is it but if we can have 3 different branch : Offense,defense and support will be more fun

Let’s say one conquest you want to try Offense branch : So everything that up the attack. The opponent use defense branch. Can be more interesting

I have read some branch can be too much OP like support branch that reduce % time to build watchtower,reduce move cost,etc… Its the beauty of this you will have unpredictable result. Conquest will be more fun and more interesting

If a alliance want more have fun to explore the map can choose then support branch. If some alliance prefer do War and attack they gonna choose Offense branch. If some alliance prefer defense mode like a RTS game that you need to defend your base like Starcraft or Red Alert. Can choose Defense Branch

I am really sure if we can have 3 different branch. People will have more fun in Conquest because you will use what match your style of gameplay and not by randomness try to upgrade search and by miracle reach the middle of the tree