Researches and costs

Whats up with u guys?

every 6 hours we should to pay 50-75 wisdome?

200-300 k per day, while we donate 30000?

guys whats up with u?

we should donate 250 k wisdome per day? 

Its really??

Pay to win. Buy gems and donate like crazy. That’s the plan

They said they were going to lower wisdom costs, guess they forgot to do that.

? SUPER …, forgot …

The teamgold needed for research is insane too… why charge gold if it already costs so much wisdom

That’s right, we should pay 25k wisdoms and 1 Million Gold to save 10% of watchtower cost. 

A level 1 tower cost us 100.000, so we will pay 1 Million to save 10.000? 

That means that we will start to save gold with the 101 watchtower ?

I know with the upgrade to level 2 and 3 maybe a little bit earlier but the upgrade to level 2 cost us 250.000 so it’s a save of 25.000.



What they didn’t forget was to half the amount of resources with the new cycle of spending them every 24h which means that at all we can spend is the same amount during this conquest like it was in the previous maybe it could help at the last 2 days… 

The prices for towers looks OK so far but the research cost are way too high! 

Its all a big dump. The research cost, the matchmaking, the reduce your donations by half. It is as sorry as ever. I am sure more players will be done again.