Reset league record ^^

Hello everybody!


How long to reset league record if no one can break old record?


Thank you.


Nick in game: Tin1187.

One or two weeks maybe ? Not sure exactly btw you’re current holder for gold league aren’t you ? Nice , congrats :slight_smile:

Records should be live time. There is a chance that this guy stopps playing  :wink:

 And this record does not give any benefits.

Well the diamond league one has been reset today, well done 77.

Thank you ^^


I hold record silver league too. I want hold record platinum and diamond league too :slight_smile:


I hope dev can answer my question  :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t say too much for other leagues, but for Diamond league the record seems to be reset within a week at most if no one can beat it.

Though, I don’t believe records in other leagues stay much longer.





It’s 1 week if they remain unbeaten. This was the original value and I don’t think it has been changed.

@Tin1187 : I was in one in your leagues when you did break the diamond league record. Can you please share how you are able to get those 300k in 3 days.??


I am a windows phone user who gets 25k in 3 days with 10% medal bonus. I am sure you have a 50% medal bonus being in top 10 and also use tons of scroll but still even assuming you have free food in terms of videos and buy food, we still cannot understand how it is achieved. Please enlighten your path to glory for all others who will never be able to do this. I see its either you or 77lotc now breaking the diamond league all the time.

Thank you, for your answer ^^





I use gems buy foods for battle ^_^

So basically tin1187 you spend half of the rewards you get ? I think since the amount sometimes reach 8000 gems then spending 4500 is totally worth it.

Hi Tin1187,


congratulations on all your records, 345k on the diamond league is really impressive.


Would you mind sharing your kings stats? Just curious :slight_smile:

That my king ^_^


I make record 345k medals when I’m lv 91 and I spend all gems reward for lv 91 to 92.


I don’t have enough gems for new items :slight_smile:

Are the rewards for winning league records the same for all leagues?


Like if you get 300k in diamond and win league, is it the gem reward the same as getitng 300k and winning the bronze league?

The gems reward for winning league is given on the league screen . When you are inside any league , check the top of the screen in the league page , there is a name given under “league record” and there are gems written with them , that amount of gems is what you will get if you manage to break that record in that league .

The reward is different for every league , as the league records are different for every league.


Very true. But isn’t the gem reward based off of total trophies. Ex Beating a league record with a 300k medal haul will result in 300k multiplied by a certian multiplier (less than 1) to determine gems gained.

Is this formula the same for all league levels? Like if I beat bronze record with 300k medals, will i get the same reward as if I win diamond league record with 300k medals?

I think gems record will be different according to each league . Breaking diamond league record will give you better reward as compared to a bronze league.

Not sure… I mean, when you compare the current records in different leagues, the rewards for higher league records are higher, but the records are too, so the rewards might be just proportional to the medal count of a record?

I once saw a bronze league record with around 23k medals and some amount of gems with it.

Than some other day I saw gold league with 23k medal record but the amount of gems for that was more than what it was for the bronze one.

I think this question can only be answered correctly if we can compare two leagues with equal amount of league records .

^^This. Thats what I want to know. Is it worth slacking off for a week or two and dropping my ass to bronze league because Tin1187’s score in diamond is just too damn high? XD



Lucifer if what you saw about the two leagues at 23k medals having different rewards is true, that answers it I guess.


And kills my dreams… :blink: