Reset pal

Hello. Since the nerf of Ceres i use Aska but i spent a lot of food pal for Ceres. It should be a good idea to allow us to reset a pal to the level 1 and to recover the food spent.

Sorry for my bad english

I agree the nerf of Ceres was a disgrace, should have refunded all the pro crystals that we wasted as well. We actually waste gems or money buying these pro tickets.

its a feature I really want to see one day. I have waste so much food on the others that I don’t use. Just accumulate 50k pals food have take me over 4-5 month if no more same linked with facebook for more Pal Chests. So If a option to reset a pal to level 1 can be possible I will make them back to 1 and up my Kaiser to level 10

Sometime you think a pal is good and read on the forum its a waste. Many don’t come on the forum so sadly for them they have waste their foods on worst pal.

this feature can be add not free but maybe for 50 gems the first time, 100 gems the second. X2 each times. So use it wisely I guess