Resistance Chaos


Today I did some more testing to that issue… 


My results: 

Skull tower ignores blunt resistance of froster, paladin completely. 

Ogre ignores blunt resistance of froster, paladin completely. 

Gargoyle ignores blunt resistance of froster, paladin completely. 


Bomb tower partially ignores blunt resistance of froster, completely ignores blast resistance of paladin. 


Paladin, cannon obey blunt resistance of froster, paladin. 



Blunt resistance on some units is mostly nonexistent… and I bet there are more such “bugs” in there. 

Not only do some units have hidden weaknesses or resistances, not even the official ones are working as expected. This is very sad. 

You clear more than other things my mind about the resistence of froster, i think a message from Jona could be very useful !

I would almost think that it is the damage of the skull towers and ogres that isnt what is advertised, rather than the resistance of the units. Ive noticed both do a bit more to my hero than I woulda thought for the numbers the game displays. Id say try testing those two out on units that dont have any blunt resist/weakeness, but as you already said all units have hidden damage multipliers so that wouldnt work either. Theres just too much going on behind the scenes for us to be able to calculate it out effeciently. Thanks for the testing. It kinda makes me sad that froster is the one who gets his resistance ignored the most, that poor little guy is frail enough as it is. Its no wonder them buggers never make it to the castle gate with the rest of my units =/

Exactly… and especially the skull tower can at max lvl just one-bomb-kill max frosters which is just soo damn annoying - you can’t even heal them as they just instantly die from the very first bomb…

With correct resistance, he should actually survive even up to 3 bombs, dying from the 4th… that would make him a lot more useful. Currently, it’s almost no use to summon more than “1 occasionally” of them as they just die straight away in all those skull-tower-dominant bases… 



Not sure… especially as gargoyles and bomb towers also do the same to my poor frosters… and on some other units without blunt resistance they all seem to work as advertised. Hence, I firmly believe it’s really the resistances that are bugged. Please note all those official damage values displayed in the troop academy are damage per second (DPS) values, so e.g. 1 ogre hit deals several times more damage than his DPS value, as he only strikes every 4 seconds or so. Skull towers fire many skull bombs per second, so the damage per bomb is lower than the DPS value. I already included that into my test calculations. 

This is why I only use Frosters in defense.

I’ve just tested King’s resistance to Blunt Damage with Gargoyles, It should be correct like stated in the wiki!


You should do one with video/pictures to validate your findings. I’d love to see some of your experiments in pictures/videos!  

Another example (one of many) of resistance chaos:

Years have gone past, with froster blunt resistance mess largely being ignored by flare… and not just that, e.g. against gargoyles, frosters even took 250% of regular damage instead of 25% as according to their displayed resistance stat, i.e. factor 10 more than the game states to the user.

Now, at some point you maybe could have argued that was inofficial rebalancing to make frosters not OP or similar… but over the years, frosters simply got nerfed, especially on offense, by various other measures as well, including among others immunities to froster damage for some structures, massive range increases with lvl-ups and/or forgings for many other units and towers, making almost everything outrange frosters nowadays who, long ago, were fragile but long-ranged, and thus balanced.

And very recently, after some discussion on the forum, it was agreed on by FG to increase blunt resistance of frosters as they are nowadays seen as underpowered…

…and indeed, after some delay (and by now, revoked/reverted again, at least temporarily… whatever), a server update brought an increase of blunt resistance for frosters, from 75% to 90%.

Now my issue with this is - and please don’t take this as a personal insult - _ WHAT THE HECK IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE?! _ Nobody with any brains can be truly believing that frosters would now have 90% blunt resistance. Please, _ please! _, finally take a look into your balancing tables and update the displayed blunt resistance stat with something a bit closer to the actual values. When (or if) this recent change is eventually hopefully getting reactivated after the current server issues are sorted out, I can make a video showing the harsh discrepancy in action again if you want, but I think FG must very well know about it already, someone must have set the actual values after all… I think with a general 75% resistance to blunt damage as was displayed for years until today’s update, frosters would be formidable units, just infact they had on average about 0% resistance to blunt damage. Changing the displayed value from 75% to 90% is just ridiculous. Even if the actual resistance may have changed accordingly, it would now be what… 15%? Please, use the opportunity of this recent change to display a value that makes sense, not just some stupid nonsense that is as little not helpful as it is true.

Thanks in advance.