resistance limits

i wnated to know if i reached 90% resistance of any type by example 150000 points 

doese increasing the points still counts or not ?

@Hussam no, you cant go beyond 90%, and any extra points are wasted. Should you increase your ascension level though, you would require more points to reach that very same 90%, so any extra points can be treated as a future investment

so if the guard for particular has 90% resistance any increase in the points won’t be counted ? 

because I just had an argument about that so iwant to be sure

Yes, anything above 90% is useless

Unless there is a bug at play, which AFAIK hasn’t been ruled out.

What about when u use that hero for the gate keeper? Just because u have 90% on a hero doesnt mean more is wasted if they’re for the gate keeper. I have a couple of my resistances at 90% but when i look at same hero as gate keeper there’s room for more. I think my highest on my gate keeper is 67% Extra points would be beneficial until u got your gate keeper to 90% 

this is all true.

i know that the resistance decrease in the gate keeper , but if it reached 90 in the statu not in the hero , other players say it still increase and there is no actuall limit 


There is a limit of 90% you can’t go beyond that neither on hero nor on gatekeeper… 

At my lvl at 220K resistance is required for 90% I can go 350K+  but it will still remain the same… So if you achieve 90% on gatekeeper better try to give him some other items or resistance… On each lvl up you Gatekeepers resistance will fall by 5% so it’s also good to have some extra amount of resistance… 

Hey bro there is a limit for every perk to balance out the things in the game .DO you know this that skill cool down timer can’t be raised beyond 75% and same goes for regeneration. I know this because I have reach that limit on some of my heroes and no matter what I try to do,I can’t take it beyond that So I am 100% sure it is a cap.otherwise if perks don’t have cap game will be considered broken.

And @CaptainMorgan can confirm this too.

Just imagine a gatekeeper with 100% physical resistance then I would be crying as  won’t be able to kill it with Ajax as his Spells only DO physical damage.

Or do you know Talos does no damage to a phoenix as it has 100% fire Resistance but a phoenix can easily destroy a Lapetos tower as it has only 50% Fire Resistance. 

Phoenixes also simply pass by their rival reflections, ending up dying far ahead with no support on lower levels.