Reskin the pal reskins?

Someone has to be that guy, and again ask why half of the pals are reskins? There’s, what, 4 foxes (Aki, Aska, Janus and Schrödinger-I mean Aput), 3 canines (Howl, Growl, Ceres), bears (Tammy, Irmgard, Phoebe) and dragons (Eldrak, Nidhogg, Nemesis). I’d understand (kind of) a pro variant but even regular pals are tweaked clones, basically. And there’re so many critters your talented artists could animate - frogs, spiders, snakes, bulls, octopi, butterflies, fairies, lizards, cats (Kaiser is a mutant, it doesn’t count)… Inspirations are endless, so why?

There were countless new pal suggestions but how about some unique models for the pals we already have? Or instead of making pro pals blue, make them actually different (Phoebe the Spazzy Goldfish? Eris the Electric Rhinoceros?).

Just a thought/idea/suggestion (your pick)…

schrodinger is a cat, not fox.

was hoping for canary in blacksmith gear.

Schrodinger exists, but doesn’t. Just like Aput.

I figured that’d be a tough joke…