Resource Spam

When will the resource spam end?  Once version 4.0 releases we will have 9 resources!

Pro Tickets
Pal Treats


Play subway surfer no resources no spam

You forgot vouchers.

Might as well add:

Morale stock


Kerosene (to light up arrows in FBs)

Lava (gargoyle towers)

Water (for frost towers and mana to magically cool it) - I guess you could get it from a river or whatever. Though invaders seizing it could make FTs inoperable. #Strategy

Bombs & propellant


Beer (for troops to enjoy in taverns)

Souls (to pay for all these demonic summons and beasts)

Poison (snake towers)

Wood (for blacksmith’s furnace)

Ice cream (because why not)

Yeah, there’s getting to be way too much to keep track of and you even forgot vouchers (assuming tickets is pro tickets). Why not make new systems using the resources we already have?

Because we wouldn’t have enough resources (there’s already far too not enough of everything), I guess. :grinning:

Easy, increase production. IE, more gold from battles is badly needed anyway.

What about corn?

Or even cabbages?

You almost forgot about these cute chicks:


Dam, they gots to be there for a reason!

Maybe the king is vegetarian.

I’ve been playing for 1 year and he still hasn’t eaten them.

Yup, that’s probably it.

Wisdom is a resource in Olympus Rising. I certainly hope they don’t make the two games more similar than they already are