Resources booked until the new year

Hi there,

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for posting ideas, feature requests and suggestions here :slight_smile: It is always great to see them! Much love for you!

In an attempt to give more insight/information on ideas and feature requests from my side I thought it would be helpful to inform you that all our dev resources are booked until the new year for now. That means, except for what made it to the board/roadmap so far, more ideas and feature requests cannot be considered until the end of this year. We will check back when our resources have freed up again and I surely will present a list of new ideassuggestions to the devs in time. :slight_smile:

I hope you appreciate that I give you this information and feel not discouraged by this!

The ideas are not forgotten until then :slight_smile:

Talk to you later,



Can we expect to see all these “booked” ideas in the game in early 2019? Since there are so many suggestions all the time it’d be great to know whether we’re gonna get some sort of massive update in the new year

It`s kind of normal in IT driven companies to have some “frozen zones” where you stop activities on new stuff and focus on stability. Also holidays are ahead - keep that also in mind.

It would be good to at least have an insight what has made it to your board/roadmap and what the status is of each request. It’s unbearable to scroll endlessly through the ‘Ideas & feature requests’ section to check if your request has made it or not, and to eventually find out nothing has done with it so far.

During Xmas holidays I will write a new version of list of my ideas.