Resources Boost

Hi all,

I wish all of you who read my post were enjoy your game. What about this game have more tools like :

  1. Resources trade, it means that you can buy ambrosia or book of wisdom by spend your gold, and this may tradable too for wisdom to ambrosia or gold

  2. Resources boost button, nearby resources bar, these exist a little button for give boost for the resources by any cost

Any suggestion?? Please write it below and once again thanks for read this post. Cheers!!!


Soldiares, what we need the most is GOLD…due to forging and upgrading, it ends faster than the rest. At least this is how I see this. 

Cheers :v:

Ofcourse we need gold. But i always put my heroes in best island with highest reward of gold, and wisdom. What i did never let me out of resources. By the way thanks for your opinion Neptune :v:

I had a couple of cases when I ran out of wisdom, so the ability to trade/boost instead of simply buying would come handy. Might be different for top players, but in my case gold is not a big issue (due to video chests, that is). Now, PC users do indeed have issues with gold due to no video chests, which is something the devs cant fix due to Windows Store limitations (Well, craposoft at its usual best here).

Infamous, in your case it’s already happen in me. What i did is put my best heroes in wisdom island as long as i not attacked. In other case i try fulled my gold and ambrosia when open free box, it makes probability of reward just : wisdom, dominance and gems. I hope this may help you out with wisdom problem (dont forget up your wisdom building).


My problem now about gold and wismdom happen about price. To upgrade a building cost almost to 3/4 bank of it when the bank is full. I won’t wasting of time to let my builder idle.


And thanks for your reply in my post infamous…

Cheers! :v:?

Yeah, both of my gods and most of the heroes stay on the wisdom islands now. I use video chests to max ambrosia and then attack ppl for gold. The issue generally comes with me upgrading the temple, which drains both gold and wisdom 

Well, your id will growing fast if you know much how to play…, good for you Infamous ??

Hi Soldiares!

I just wanted to answer your question about resource boost.I think this feature is not needed in the game .This game is pretty balanced in that respect,except when you need to do a level 8,9 &10 odyssey,as I believe they are unfair as they require lot got Gold to begin to,trust me when I Say this I have two different Account on flare games and have been playing this game for the past 4-5 months and have never faced any issue with resource shortage.This game is all about Patience and how you plan your moves.Simply place your heroes on islands that provide resources that you need most.In my case If need gold I simply fight opponents to win gold.I usually visit 100 islands a day.I have never missed any Odyssey.




Hi HolyDevine,

Thanks for your good information ???.. I not yet play Odysey in your level… I think i should try this ASAP. It’s nice to have information from you in this discussion. Many thanks ??

I also would like another feature alongside this, an “autocollect” option so if we get attacked and our hero is removed from the island…at least we won`t lose those resources while being out of the game. 


HI Soldiares!

Happy to help you.Just give some time to this game and you will love it.