Resources collection bug?

I may be wrong, but I’ve logged in this morning for the first time in 24 hours and collected 4 barrier upgrades, instantly clicked one to upgrade again, went to do more and had nearly no resources.

I’ve all hero’s on islands and I’m not spending on anything but barriers, so I should of had some in the bank!

It seems like I haven’t collected any resources for at least a couple of days or so.

Could you check there’s no bug as it seems rather strange?

Also while I’m asking, why am I suddenly setting items in chests that are the very basic ones with only one value (what you start with) ?

You have to remember that the resources will store for 8 hours after that they are max’d anyway and wont automatically add to your resource bank, so you have to log in every 8 hours to get the most from your islands.  In 8 hours with all heroes spread you could gain about 30k wisdom and maybe 4M gold (or some other combo based on these 2 resources) , which is not far off the cost of a lvl 26 barricade 5M and 15k wisdom?.  

As for the items do you mean the very basic blessed items? the faded green ones? That could be due to your daily gifts starting the cycle again for the month.

Remember same if you don’t want to do any fight or anything. You must connect in the game each 4 hours or more to collect your resources. Remember to check too if some of your Heroes are back to the Mount of Olympus. Just 2 or 3 can scrap your resources income so take care of these fact