Resources ( gold , wisdom and ambrosia )

Hello @CaptainMorgan

CM about resources ( gold , wisdom and ambrosia ) specially wisdom today is to hard to collect because with forges and oddy the resources r so scarce. FG will find a way to all players have more ways to find resources and with more frequency?

Thank you

I agree. There is no way to have enough wisdom to do odessey, update and forge together. We are forced to pick and choose which is annoying


There must be discussion to reach a consensus and progress with the activity.
Nowadays it takes a long time to get resources and ends up leaving the game stopped by the fact that there are people who cannot play directly and thus being less evolved in the game.


Thanks for this feedback, we will discuss how to improve this situation.

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Just a quick update to this situation - we will be doing some rebalancing of the resources on islands with the changes to the island map, and we will include improving the access to wisdom in the end-game.